Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Surf: These are not the links you are looking for

Jedi baby
Hoo boy. Well, computer troubles and visiting parents have kept me away from Sunday Surfing for a bit. I am making up for it with a gazillion super-quicky links.

P.S. These are the links you are looking for. That was my Obi-Wan joke. Alrik made me do it.

P.P.S. Wine is yummy.

"I have no expectation for you or for me that we will be able to be utterly free of this mind-set. It's a very powerful one, this idea that adults are the boss, a notion that most people will never question, let alone examine. And even those of us who are fully aware, still, in unguarded moments, often fall into the language habits of command, not just with our children, but with our spouses, friends and colleagues. It's a pervasive thing. If we work on it, however, if we're reflective and conscious, our children won't be as likely to develop the habit as they become adults."

Really thought-provoking article (as always) on challenging our hierarchies and our need to be in control as the grown-ups. (Follow-up here:; via Facebook rounds — I'm not sure who started it!)
Reflections on teaching and learning from preschoolers

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Can you imagine the heartache of not being with your children? Can you help fly a mama home to bring her little boy to live with her?
You all know I don't monetize my site. No ads, no sponsors, no reviews for free stuff. But today I am asking for help. This is my friend Suzanne and her son J. Suzanne hasn't seen her son since April, and needs our help to bring him home.

#6 killed me. That's what's stopping me, too. All in good fun, what are the hippie lengths you refuse to go to? (And, remember, never say never…hee.)
6.)  Just when I've about worked up the courage to try 'family cloth,' I remember that my husband poops.  And, that ends that.

I've found a bunch of great posts to read through this linkup! Put up your own post & let others know where to find it.

These tips would be awesome to pass along to a new mama. I felt like I had to relearn NIP for this baby, even! It's good to remember these small ideas to make you less self-conscious during that learning phase.

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Baring skin and soul to show what true beauty is. (via BlogHer)
It’s fair to say that this bikini experiment has changed my life. I wear a size 16 and I carried twins to nearly 37 weeks. It would be very easy to find things to hate about my body. But the more I have shown it, the more I love it.

On body acceptance and what we pass on to our children.
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Michelle of needs our support. Will you please send a note or baby shower gift to bless the birth of her second child?

CarNatPar time

Calling for submissions for the September Carnival of Natural Parenting!Theme: Parenting Through Play: Oftentimes, some of our most difficult parenting challenges can be defused or handled gracefully if we choose to use play. Think of a situation in your own life where you have used (or could use) play instead of lectures, consequences, or other negative reactions.
DeadlineTuesday, September 6.

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Momma Jorje said...

Have I mentioned that I love your new(ish) layout for Sunday Surf? Well I do!

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

pssttt... we still keep TP around for poo ;) But even just using family cloth for pee has *drastically* cut down on our TP usage. Plus it is soooooooo soft and gentle!!

Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama said...

Thanks so much for including my Green & Natural Mamas Thursday linkup!

Alrik looks incredible in that picture :-)

And I second Jorje's compliment about the new layout!

Kirsten said...

awe...I feel special! Thanks for including my post! :-)

Dionna- I'm seriously considering family cloth just for pee too. I mean, why should babies be the only ones getting wiped with the comfy stuff?!? ;-)

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