Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Surf: Supa-dupa pupa

Welcome to the Sunday Surf! Here are some of the best links I've read this past week.

Look — he's already walking! To get cotton candy!
Ok, neither of those is true. No babies were harmed in the making of this silly picture.
I know it's a truism that babies grow so fast, but they do, don't they? To go in four months from larval to batting at toys, struggling to sit upright (I call that move "baby crunches"), and smiling droolily at all and sundry is quite the developmental feat.

We're currently also raising caterpillars, and their metamorphosis is even faster — though much more disgusting. In a short week, they have gone from creepy caterpillars to creepier chrysalides.1 But I'm thinking not even painted lady butterflies will be able to compete with baby cuteness…

I guess I'm a speciesist.

On another note, I'm on Pinterest now if you are, too. People keep saying it's addicting. I know now whereof they speak.

But, between caterpillar care and pinning (not butterflies! I'm not that mean!), I still had time to gather some links:

I’m not for it, I am it « Skipping School
via on 9/25/11
Really interesting to hear the perspective of someone who grew up homeschooled/unschooled & can't even wrap her mind around some of the school-related boredoms, drama, and cruelties we schooled people took for granted.
I’m not for homeschooling. I am it.

via on 9/23/11
Another mama musing on how unrecognizable her postpartum body has become — and yet what it actually means.
They cuddle up to me unaware of my saggy bits.

Another parent's example of how, when a child is stuck demanding something, it's often a cue to release pent-up emotions rather than about the demand itself. I really need to learn to sit with Mikko in these times and let that happen. (via

via on 9/18/11

Hee hee hee. Have to be careful with definitions, I guess.

via on 9/25/11
This 50s housewife experiment was a wonderful time suck to read: hilarious but, in the end, also a little inspiring. Makes me want to dust off my apron and get my homemaker on.

The above link is a link treasure trove, so I'll point out just a few specifics in case you don't want to spend your whole day reading about the delightful horrifying foods and ambitious Stalinist chore schedules of the 1950s.

Manly Men, Girly Girls and Things in Between – Scroll down to the little image that says When It's Strictly Stag and witness the concoction wives should make for their husband and his buddies. It's worth clicking.

Taking Advice On Boys and Babes — And this blog wouldn't be what it is if I didn't offer you stellar parenting advice wherever I find it. The 1950s gave us a crib that can safely should never be used in a moving car! Plus, corn syrup is apparently the most nutritious horrifying stuff to wean your baby off onto. And if your whole family is constipated, just toss them some milk of magnesia — don't investigate the fact that you've been making even your meat-and-liver dishes into a gelatin {shudder}.

But here's what I most want to share with you, from A World of No:

If you're feeling pressured to disinfect everything in sight, just remember Lysol doesn't always have your best interests at heart {more dramatic shudder along with some whole-body cringing}.

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    1 I really want to say "cocoons," but I'm told that's incorrect.


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