Monday, May 4, 2015

Carnival of Natural Parenting — 2014 year in review

Hobo Mama - Carnival of Natural Parenting — 2012 year in reviewFor the past five years, I have been proud to co-host the Carnival of Natural Parenting with Dionna of Code Name: Mama. We created the Carnival in January 2010 to bring together the awesome community of parenting bloggers who identify as "attachment" or "natural" parents.

In 2014, our writers revealed their parenting fears; they shared their family's pastimes and discussed how to balance "me time" and family time; and they offered ideas and tips on fun and frugal family vacations and on how to make the most of indoor time with kids. The compilations of posts are a rich resource — I hope you will look through 2014's themes and articles below and get to know some of the writers!

Anyone can write for the Carnival of Natural Parenting, and you can write as few or as many times as you'd like throughout the year. You can read more about how to write for the Carnival as well as details on upcoming topics at our main Carnival page. Here are the topics for the next few months: In June, we'll be writing letters to ourselves; in July, we'll be sharing ideas for summer fun; and in later months we'll let our kids take over our blogs, we'll reveal some parental confessions, and we'll share traditions surrounding anniversaries. Topics are posted through January 2016 - come read more details at our main Carnival page.

NPN 125 badgeWhether you write for or enjoy reading the articles written for the Carnival of Natural Parenting, or whether you are simply interested in learning more about natural parenting practices, we want you to join our community at the site born out of the Carnival: Natural Parents Network (NPN). NPN is a community that connects, informs, empowers, and inspires parents and parents-to-be. We are thankful for the larger NP community we interact with on NPN's website, Facebook page, and Twitter stream, and we're doubly thankful for the close-knit family of NPN volunteers — we have found true friends.

If you haven't yet, be sure to sign up for the joint newsletter of Natural Parents Network, Code Name: Mama, and Hobo Mama.

And for Carnival updates, be sure to look for the #CarNatPar hashtag on Twitter and follow the Twitter list of our #CarNatPar writers. On Facebook, you can get Carnival updates by "liking" the CarNatPar Fan Page.

We look forward to reading more from our writers — new and old — in 2015 and beyond.

I'd like to share with you a few highlights — and a few of my favorite things — from our 2014 Carnival posts.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

On a quest toward health with help from vitafusion™ (plus $100 giveaway!)


Two tasty little cherry-flavored gummies can give you your daily B12!


I'm on a quest right now to Get Healthy (I always think of it as a trademarkable phrase), so I was delighted when BlogHer and vitafusion™ gave me an amazing resource to try out toward that goal: vitafusion™ Extra Strength B-12.

These gummy vitamins are a yummy, enjoyable boost to my daily nutrition. Since February (we're a little slow on the uptake for New Year's resolutions), Sam and I have forsworn grains and also most refined sugar. For those of you following along regularly, we gave up grains about two and a half years ago at about 80-90% compliance, but we decided to be absolutely strict about it for a while, and for kicks, also see if we could do without added sugars. It's a challenge, but a worthy one!

That's why I'm always on the lookout for ways to ensure we're meeting our daily nutritional goals. I'm happy we're eating more whole foods and am confident that will help us meet our health needs, but I'm never sure what gaps there might be. For one thing, I don't eat the most varied diet. I like certain things and am not keen on others, so I tend to eat the same (delicious) meals over and over. Plus, I recently gave birth and am breastfeeding, so I know my nutritional needs are heightened. That's why supplements give me that extra boost of reassurance that I'm doing what I can to be complete.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Beach in spring

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Here are some Instagrammy pictures from our recent beach excursions:

A photo posted by Lauren Wayne (@hobomamacom) on

A photo posted by Lauren Wayne (@hobomamacom) on

Friday, April 24, 2015

Can You Even Help Your Kids Gain Independence Today? on BlogHer

Syndicated on
I'm happy and proud to have a post today on the BlogHer home page: "Can You Even Help Your Kids Gain Independence Today?"

They've syndicated my post from the other day on how I'm a would-be free-range parent who feels hemmed in by today's safety expectations. BlogHer has made me some lovely Pinterest imagery as well:

That's totally what I wanted to do with those quotes and didn't! Procrastination pays off! And looks so much prettier than I would have done!

I'll be hanging out over yonder to field comments and spark some chatter on the topic of free-range kids. Come join me!

Even if you've already read the post and let me know what you think, I'd love for your clicks on and shares of the BlogHer page so they know I'm sending my peeps over to give it a look!

And if you haven't commented or shared it yet, I'd really appreciate your voice added to the conversation. Why is it so hard to grant kids independence today?

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Life with a big baby

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

Any other parents of mondo babies out there? Or parents of munchkins who want to live vicariously? Here's what it's like to have a baby beating landmass records:

  • At birth, Karsten was a hearty 10 pounds, 6 ounces. Mikko still has him beat with 11 pounds, 13 ounces. The trend continues: Karsten at 5 months old was 23 pounds to Mikko's 28 at the same age. At nearly 6 months, he's up to 28 (5 pounds gained in 30 days!), and Mikko was up to 30. Either? Is plenty big. Just ask my back.

  • I kid you not: He broke my back. For the past week, I've been healing through a muscle spasm that has me nearly laid up.

  • Speaking of which, I scheme ways to get out of carrying him. I call Sam for help transporting him down the stairs or when I have to carry absolutely anything else. Glass of water + Karsten = fear of dropping one or both.

  • Strangers say: "Wait … how old is he?"

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Three months

Continuing on from two months, here are a few photos from February. (That's how caught up I am at photo editing.)

We interrupt the baby programming to bring you Cat on a Computer.
Must be warm.

Brothers. (And another cat.)