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Babywearing the heavy baby — Jan-Apr 2009
General favorites and top hits — Sep 2007-present
World Breastfeeding Week — Aug 2009
Attachment Parenting Month — Oct 2009

Babywearing the heavy baby

— January-April 2009

Since I had a baby who weighed nearly twelve pounds at birth and who loved loved loved to be held, I learned some tricks for hauling him around comfortably! These tips can be adapted for any size baby, but I have a heart for all the chunky monkeys out there — and for their parents' backs!

Try out these soft baby carriers, listed in the chronological age order we used them, to carry your baby easily all the way into toddlerhood.

  1. Babywearing the heavy baby: stretchy wrap
  2. Babywearing the heavy baby: ring sling
  3. Babywearing the heavy baby: mei tai
  4. Babywearing the heavy baby: ERGO Baby Carrier

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General favorites and top hits

— September 2007-present

This is an automatically updated feed that shows all posts labeled as favorites, generally based on high traffic and reader interest. And then some I added just because I like 'em.

A hearty thank you to Paige of Baby Dust Diaries for showing me how such feeds are made.

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World Breastfeeding Week

— August 2009

Putting this together soon!

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Attachment Parenting Month

— October 2009

Listed at this post:
Introduction to attachment parenting

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