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hobo mamaLauren Wayne (aka Lightnin' Lauren O'Wayne), writer and natural parent. Riding the rails with my husband, Crackerdog Sam, and my two hobo boys: Mikko Lint Picker and Alrik Irontrousers the Land Pirate. Trying every day to parent intentionally and with grace.

As a writer, parenting has changed me profoundly and has given me a new perspective and a new passion to write about the type of parenting I find compelling and inspiring — and aspire to myself: parenting that is attachment-centered, respectful and responsive.

I approach parenting from a natural perspective, beginning with conception and birth and extending through breastfeeding, babywearing, colseeping, cloth diapering and EC, baby-led solids, gentle discipline, unschooling, thoughtful food choices, natural health, and green living. I am ever moving to be more environmentally conscious and crunchy, but I don't bother with judging other people for where they fall on the yuppie-to-hippie spectrum since I am still very much in process myself and approach any lifestyle choices with a healthy dose of skepticism and pragmatism along with continual reexamining.

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The hobo family

This is the form my inspiration takes:

silly boy sticking out his tongue

Mikko (pronounced MEE-ko). He was born in June 2007, and my blog was born a few months later. Mikko is currently an unschooled young lad and astonishingly enjoyable. He talks constantly. He has a big heart. He is firmly his own person. He teaches me more every day of what it means to be spontaneous, attached, and freaking hilarious.

Mikko weighed 11 pounds, 13 ounces, when he was born — a natural birth after a hospital transfer from our planned home birth. We were all surprised at how big he was, and I was so proud I was able to deliver him naturally as I'd planned — not because birth is a contest, but just because it was such a rush. I can't even describe the euphoria I felt after I saw my baby and knew what my body had been able to do.

smiling cute toddler in knit hat

So we had to do it again! Alrik (ALL-rick) was born in May 2011 at a planned home water birth — but an unplanned unassisted one!

Alrik is sweet and talkative and fiercely proud of his independence. He wants to try everything — by himself!

family portrait

Sam said not to put a picture of him up here, but I can't resist, since he's so cute. We were college sweethearts who met on the school newspaper and married in June 1998. I know that was a long time ago, but I was a teenage bride.

(Not really.)

Sam and I run a family business, selling DVDs online and writing. We enjoy the freedom working from home gives us to be together as a family, even though it creates some logistical challenges, in terms of keeping two children from trying to "help" whoever's trying to work. Someday they'll be useful labor, right?

home business babywearing

Why be a hobo parent?

There is so much freedom to be had when you shake off society's expectations and embrace the hobo-parenting lifestyle. I like to think my hobo-tude represents movement, confidence, a shifting of priorities, and a love of nature and the open road.

Hobo parenting is listening to your intuition and the wisdom of people before you. It's trying to do well and live intentionally but allowing for plenty of grace and learning. Hobo parenting isn't perfect, but it's real. And it can be really beautiful.

Plus? Hobo's a funny word. That might or might not be the main reason I chose it.

Feel free to jump on this boxcar with me!

breastfeeding mama and baby nursing

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Chrystal @ Happy Mothering said...

Hi Lauren!

We have a lot in common and I really enjoy reading your blog. So much so that I am passing this award onto you. Take care!

Chrystal @ Happy Mothering

Tobi-Dawne said...

So glad I stumbled upon your blog today. A new favourite to get caught up with. :) Always happy to read the thoughts of a smart, natural, AP momma.

Tobi-Dawne Smith.


Anonymous said...

My husband works from home and his name is also Sam! We've been working from home for 6 years now. Started in the kitchen when our first was born, moved to a bedroom then to the garage. Now that we have three children his in a building that sits separate from the house. Now he can actually get things done. It was quite the challenge for me to begin with but we sail through the days now.

Your family is beautiful and that is amazing that your body birthed your baby! That is no small feat to carry an 11+ pound baby in your abdomen!

Your joy is contagious and thank you for the light hearted, fun-loving inspiration.

Elisa said...

You have a beautiful family! happy birthday to Mikko! wow 3 years old! My daughter just turned 2..yeah she is an independent little person.(so much for the 'terrible two's..She is teaching me about patience and being spontaneous...)

Now off to read your other web and I will be poking around,

Anna said...

Glad to have stumbled across your blog via 5minutesformom. I love your philosophy on parenting.
All the best,

Lissa said...

Hi Lauren.
I just discovered your blog and what a wealth of information and wonderful posts!! I have really enjoyed my last couple of days of reading through what I have missed. I too have one son and another one due in early June '11. So fun to read your comments on that too.
Keep writing, it is fantastic!

Unknown said...

Don't remember what google search brought me to you, but I'm glad it did! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. thanks for making this happy mother feel normal to breastfeed my two year old son!thanks for telling it like it is also. it helps.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

What a beautiful family, and congrats on your latest addition!

I'm in awe that you've pumped out a novel (or 2 or 3).

Your blog has a wonderful feel, Lauren.

Administrator said...

So my wife and I are the parents for 5 (soon to be six) and I just came across this site. We work hard at parenting intentionally with grace and love. We've worked hard at not being stuck with societies idea of parenting and family. Not an easy road to travel. I admire your approach and honesty. We'll be following your site and anxious to read more. Thanks!