Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Surf: Make friends with twins

Welcome to the Sunday Surf! Here are some of the best links I've read this past week.

My sister-in-law nannies for a family with twin boys — #3 and #4 of the children, and as far as the parents are concerned, the last. This means that Natalie brings us all their hand-me-downs since they're not saving anything. The boys are about a year older, so we're getting all the baby things on up to about size 12-month clothing. Naturally, our tall three-month-old (92th percentile, as the growth calculator unEnglishly tells me) is rapidly outgrowing the 9-month size, but it's all good. Because there's oodles of it. Pouring in! We have our pick of fleece jackets for the winter, onesies that can be spit up on once and then changed out for a new one. A twin bonanza for a singleton!

Just thought I'd share.

Note to others: Make friends with families who have twins who are just a bit older than your baby. Or maybe just, make friends with nannies.

On to the links:

Beautiful & necessary for me to remember. "I want to apologise to him so much, to tell him I've never had a 3-year-old and I'm sorry that he has to be the guinea pig. I want to apologise to him for all those times I'm too busy doing my own thing and don't recognise his need and desire to help."

via on 9/17/11
Disposable diaper sales are down. Are cloth diaper sales up? Interesting thoughts!
According to AdvertisingAge, sales of disposable diapers were down 9% for the 52 weeks ending August 7, 2011. Meanwhile, the number of babies age two and under

via on 9/16/11
I am totally doing The Fix Game today! What a fun idea to reconnect — and perfect for heading off sibling rivalry, too, I'd imagine.

via on 9/15/11
Ah, sweet. I never really do tummy time, and now I can feel even less guilty about it. This idea of "back time" actually does make a lot of sense to me, particularly about rounding out their heads and learning their own motions. That said, Mikko never let us put him down for more than a couple seconds. But Alrik's fine with a bit of back time and has already learned to roll over! (I'm not suggesting that we should be regimental about back time any more than tummy time, though!)
Does your baby like tummy time? Most don’t, for good reason. Until infants are able to roll into the tummy position on their own, most of them find it

Wonderful post clearing up the myths about breastfeeding during pregnancy, and sharing another mama's experience. Helpful links at the end, too (and I'm not saying that because mine are in the list!).


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