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Sunday Surf: Toothless

Welcome to the Sunday Surf, a tour of the best blogposts I've read throughout the week.

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

Sunday Surf: Toothless == Hobo Mama
This dude won't stop losing teeth!
He was so happy that second top tooth came out
— it had been holding on by a thread for two weeks.

Sunday Surf: Toothless == Hobo Mama
As long as it's not pouring, we love the beach in November
— we have it all to ourselves, and it's still just as fun!


  • Jessa Reed on Homebirth (by Jessa Reed, found via Vibrant Wanderings)
    This made me laugh so hard. The last line was priceless.
    {Warning: Language}
  • They Were Making Fun Of My Son, So I....Did Nothing | BlogHer

    Touching story of how a mom deals with other kids interacting with her son who has autism:
    I put the soda I was holding down into the cupholder of my folding chair, and I prepared myself to walk over there and educate some kids. Firmly. And then, it happened.
    A few of them peeled off, running over once again to play with David. His glee was contagious, and they couldn’t help but laugh at him, and then laugh with him.
    Anna walked up behind me, grabbing my arm.
    "Mom! They’re over there making fun of him! You should hear what they’re saying!"
    "I know, honey. They don’t know him. They’re not from his school."
    "I don’t care. You should say something." She tapped her foot impatiently.
    "Wait." I said.
    "Mom! If you’re not going over there, I am."
    "Wait, Anna. Look at him. Look at them.”
  • parentwin: What's Wrong with This Picture? Why Maria Kang Can't Tell People What to Do.

    Loving this response to the Maria Kang meme:
    After many people gave their “excuses” in that thread, an interesting thing happened. People started asking Kang what her excuse was.
    "I have 3 degrees…what’s her excuse?"
    "Can she play tuba? No? What’s her excuse?"

    "I had my kids closer together than she did. What’s her excuse?"

    This is hilarious, but it also sheds light on something that isn’t normally visible. No one would ever expect to see a tuba player’s picture with the words “what’s your excuse” atop it. And if they did see a picture like that, they’d most likely laugh their asses off. Because that’s ridiculous. Not everyone wants to play tuba, so they don’t need an excuse as to why they can’t play it. Not everyone wants three degrees. And the people that do want three sometimes have the legit excuse as discussed above of not having the funds or the time to achieve them. And no one is posting pictures of themselves with their prizes and achievements in those areas asking others to justify themselves. Because that’s silly.
    But somehow it’s not silly when someone does this in the working-out realm. Because ‘fitspiration’ is not just a subgenre, but is part of our general culture, and as such is open to these criticisms. Because the people hitting back don’t find it silly or absurd. Shaming in this arena is such a part of our mainstream culture that people do get insulted when a random meme picture like this shows up on their social media. They get it enough everywhere else. They don’t want it from a complete stranger, too.

    The tuba player goes on to say, “Maybe it’s not important or interesting to her… Gasp, you mean different people have different priorities?!”
    And that’s the crux of the matter. Looking like she looks a year after having her third child is not a priority for most people. And yet somehow, when seeing a picture like that, with a shaming message atop it, people do feel shamed for it not being a priority for them. And then they get mad. Because it’s a dominant theme in our culture. One that needs to go away.
    She has every right to be proud of herself, and every right to motivate those who are looking to be motivated in her arena, in her area of expertise. But she does not have the right to attack those who would fight back against her message. Because while she intended to say this: “I know you think you don’t have time if you have kids. But if I can do it, you can do it, too,” she actually said this: “what’s your excuse?” And those are two different things.
    Also this article from Baby Dust Diaries: "Maria Kang, Here Is My Excuse."
    And the Tumblr project started based on this: We Don’t Need an Excuse. You can submit your own.


National Novel Progress Month: Join me in making progress!

National Novel Progress Month at Join me in making progress!

I don't know about you, but I could use another National Novel Progress Month.

I've decided once again to skip National Novel Writing Month, though I'm a huge fan and would love to encourage you if you're participating — as well as National Blog Post Month — since what I need right now is not more writing but more finishing, if you know what I mean.

Teresa from Spirit Grooves and I started NaNoProgMo to support writers who need to finish, edit, research, polish, or publish a novel. I'm also totally happy to embrace writers who are working on non-fiction books, ebooks, articles, or blogging. If you need to make some writing or editing progress this month, come along!

I'd like to offer you some support as you work on your writing in November, in whatever form it takes! Read more and sign up for NaNoProgMo.

Where to find free images for blog posts

Where to find free images for blog posts ==

You know that punching up your blog articles with pictures lends a thousand-plus words to your text — but you also want to make sure the photographs and drawings you find are legally yours to use under copyright law and ethical guidelines. You generally can't just grab a photo off Google Image Search or someone else's blog without permission.

So: Here are my top 10 resources for royalty-free, payment-free, copyright-legal, fair-use images for your blog posts. Read more.

New Mummy Episode from Castle!

New Mummy Episode sighting:

Castle's Episode 110 from Season 6, "Time Will Tell," deals with oh-my-gosh-are-they-really-real time travelers. Read more.


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