Thursday, November 28, 2013

100 things to be thankful for

Momma Jorje: Gratitude ChallengeI'm grateful to be taking part in Momma Jorje's Gratitude Challenge — we're listing 100 things we're grateful for today.

From Jorje:

I think it is important to appreciate what you have and not just on Thanksgiving. It's important to remember to be grateful when your life feels abundant, but perhaps even more-so when times are hard. That said, I have some tough things going on right now and am having a hard time over here so… I want to challenge myself to remember all the things in my life for which to be grateful. I enjoyed the challenge at Let's Take the Metro a couple of years ago, so I'm going to challenge you in a similar fashion. Are you ready?

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  1. Even though our family is puke-tastically sick, we're having a nice quiet Thanksgiving at home.
  2. We're semi-fasting for the above reason, but we have good food on hand to break our fast when we can!
  3. Blackadder! Our choice of Thanksgiving Day sickbed amusement.
  4. String cheese, or as Mikko calls it, octopus cheese. Because I tear the bottom apart for him like a squid-ly thing before handing it over.
  5. Being able to homeschool our kids
  6. Two fluffy sweet kitties who love raw meat, lap cuddles, and stepping on sleeping babies
  7. The diaper service since Alrik's not up to potty independence quite yet
  8. Long hair and a 6-year-old who alternately plays with and complains about it
  9. Manifesting a hedgehog with Mikko by shopping for cage goodies
  10. Chocolate chips
  11. Floppy blonde hair
  12. Phone games. Oh, you delightful time wasters, you.
  13. Red woolen cloche
  14. Long walks where I can hear the waves
  15. Emails to and from my parents
  16. The brief, bright life of our ill-fated sea monkeys
  17. Natural Parents Network volunteers chatting on Facebook
  18. Reading the words of writers wise and inspiring
  19. Local friends
  20. Online compatriots
  21. Making progress on my writing
  22. Meeting new bloggy friends
  23. Chilling out with a mystery novel
  24. Sneaking away for alone time with my husband (take that, kids!)
  25. My six-year-old's unwavering faith
  26. Paleo chocolate chip cookie dough, made with élan and no measuring like a boss
  27. The opportunity to make money from writing
  28. Salami
  29. Indoor playspaces for chilly, drizzly winters
  30. Poetry
  31. People liking my jokes
  32. Mummy episodes
  33. Having my kids school me on popular music
  34. Curling up on the couch to watch the first Harry Potter movie with Mikko and answering his bajillion questions about it and seeing that he enjoyed it
  35. When my two-year-old refuses clothes all day and I can see his bones moving under his skin, but also how active and healthy he is
  36. Alrik's excited pleasure about … everything
  37. Working appliances
  38. Thick hair that resists wetting like a beaver pelt
  39. Missing teeth
  40. One tiny tooth in my change purse
  41. Beautiful photos to remember a full and happy year
  42. Feeling better about transitioning into new ways of thinking
  43. Our car is paid off. Boo-yah.
  44. My son's devotion to nummies
  45. Science experiments
  46. Mikko's laborious handwriting
  47. Reconnecting with their favorite (and only) cousin
  48. The pirate aprons she handmade the boys
  49. Fun TV shows to watch
  50. Cleaning up a couple rooms
  51. Anticipating working on Christmas sewing
  52. Warming my hands in hot water
  53. Warming my icicle feet — finally, finally — under the blankets
  54. Feeling at peace with family
  55. Comedians' standup on YouTube
  56. Ninja Cat, which never fails to make Mikko laugh
  57. Elephant and Piggie books
  58. Mikko's wholly unreasonable excitement over Switch & Go Dinos, in which he makes us watch the advertising videos multiple times a day and quizzes us on what each one is called, what dino it is, and what vehicle it turns into
  59. We have our health (more or less).
  60. Looking forward to cream cheese dip at Christmas
  61. Plans to see Frozen in a theater and smuggle in a Moist-Maker as a make-up Thanksgiving celebration
  62. Snow in the forecast
  63. Living in my neighborhood, with an amazing community blog that knows what's going on when I don't
  64. Thanksgivukkah
  65. Jigsaw puzzles
  66. Mikko beating me in every card game
  67. Visiting the pet store with kids like a cheap mini-zoo
  68. Doing patty-cake with Alrik and having him direct
  69. Remembering to speak German
  70. Naps, all around
  71. Finding a handyman who might someday install our sink downstairs
  72. Boots to jump in puddles with!
  73. Dangly earrings
  74. Mama roller coaster
  75. Planning a fun trip for the new year
  76. Super Shapes!
  77. Setting back up my keyboard and making music again
  78. Clean sheets and fluffy duvets
  79. Building a fire
  80. Video chatting with the grandparents
  81. In jokes
  82. Sleeping all together still in one tangle on a king-size mattress
  83. The comfiness of family cloth
  84. Enjoying the outdoors all summer
  85. Cotton
  86. Delicious dreams
  87. When Alrik plays kitty and brings me toys and demands pets
  88. Going to open houses for million-dollar homes we have no intent or hope to buy
  89. Warm showers
  90. Colorful stripy shirts on little boys
  91. Genetics at work
  92. Sleeping under quilts made by my mother and my grandmother (a silver-lining side effect of both our duvets getting barfed on) and feeling the comforting weight of maternal generations on top of me
  93. A Christmas tree lot that opened on my street
  94. Bus rides
  95. My kids' artistic creations
  96. Looking through the doll clothes my grandmothers made me when I was a girl
  97. Bubbles
  98. Two-year-old Alrik, he of the Power Rangers moves and parroting adorableness
  99. Mikko, 6 years' worth of charm, unending questions, excessive cheek, and snuggliness
  100. My partner in homeschooling, work, and Blackadder marathons: Sam

What are YOU grateful for?


Amy Rhime said...

What a lovely list! I really enjoyed reading it.

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