Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Surf: Caps for sale recap

Welcome to the Sunday Surf, a tour of the best blogposts I've read throughout the week.

I was reading the much-loved Caps for Sale with Alrik today (during our four-hour failed nap attempt, sigh) and I was reminded of this video of Mikko enthusiastically reading along with the same book:

You need to watch only a few seconds of the video to get the gist. By the way, the video's date is wrong; it was 2010, when Mikko was 2.5, not 2009. I was wondering, because I thought Mikko wasn't all that verbal, but in the video he seems a lot ahead of where Alrik is right now at 1.5. Glad to know Alrik's got a year still to catch up to that! He'll be obnoxiously yet adorably screaming "Caps for sale" at any minute now.

Some weekend reading for you!

Tampon vs. Mooncup Rap Battle (by mooncupltd and via Shannon)

Six Ingredient Challenge:

Six Ingredient Challenge buttonI hope you're enjoying reading along with the six-week Six Ingredient Challenge! How's it going for you so far? If you haven't started yet, we're only on day 3, so there's plenty of time to join!

Posts so far:

Start formulating your answer to the first writing prompt, at the end of the rules post, and publish it on your blog by Feb. 7 (or save it to paste in the comments when we post our responses then). Sign up and join in now — we're excited about the conversations we'll be having!

Carnival news:

There's no Carnival of Natural Parenting this month since last month's was delayed, but we'll see you soon enough in March, when we'll be holding Tough Conversations.

There are plenty of other amazing carnivals this month, though, so be sure to subscribe to the Google parenting blog calendar to get all the due date reminders and topic notifications!

Surf with us:

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kelly @kellynaturally said...

Wow, the bra article was REALLY INTERESTING! Got me thinking...

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