Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Making peanut butter at Anktangle

Welcome to another day of the Six Ingredient Challenge! Even if you didn't start Feb. 1, you can still sign up and join in now! Start formulating your answer to the first writing prompt, at the end of the rules post, and publish it on your blog by Feb. 7 (or save it to paste in the comments when we post our responses then).

Today at Anktangle, Amy wrote a (very) easy tutorial showing us how to make peanut butter at home. Peanut butter is a quick and easy source of protein, but many of the kinds you'll find in the grocery aisle are full of sugars, preservatives, and loads of extra salt. Even the natural versions often require stirring, and they're difficult to spread directly out of the refrigerator. Amy demonstrates how this staple of her family's diet is one of the easiest foods to make from scratch — and you can make it exactly how you like it!

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