Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Valentine's fun

We don't usually make much of holidays, but I caught wind that Sam had gotten me something for Valentine's Day (five-year-olds are crap for secrets), so I decided to make a bit of effort. I'm glad I did, because we had fun!

scavenger hunt letter n magnet - valentine's day 2013
We started off the day with a scavenger hunt I'd prepared the night before.

scavenger hunt in sunflowers - valentine's day 2013
Sam had brought home sunflowers, perfect for hiding one of my clues.

blase boy holding gifts - valentine's day 2013
The treasure, le sigh. You know the ennui that overtakes you when you find a big pile of unexpected presents and then have to open them all? Yeah…like that. So sad.

so unimpressed with pile of presents - valentine's day 2013
It's a hard knock life.

dad tearing into present - valentine's day 2013
Sam eagerly rips into one of his gifts.

boy tearing into present - valentine's day 2013
Mikko finally gets into the spirit and helps.

flip switchblade comb present - valentine's day 2013
He was definitely most impressed with this gift for Sam: a novelty switchblade comb, similar to a butterfly one that Sam had as a rebellious (har har) youth. I took Mikko shopping with me when I bought it — huuuge mistake. It was seriously the night before Valentine's, but Mikko was devastated that I wouldn't let him tell Sam about it that night, or even better, give it to him. As we were driving home, Mikko opined from the backseat, "When I have kids, I won't ever have surprises. I won't make them wait a sleep to open presents." All right, kid. Someday you can make the world right.

flip switchblade comb present - valentine's day 2013
Having survived a single night without his Sam's comb,
Mikko enjoyed his Sam's new toy.

wrapped box present from husband - valentine's day 2013
Sam got me something shiny! And sparkly!
(And I got him a novelty comb that his son stole. I am such a banner wife.)

nursing baby with new necklace - valentine's day 2013
This was the only picture I could find where you can kind of see the pretty necklace.

nursing baby grabbing necklace with mom and brother - valentine's day 2013
Pretty enough that Alrik kept grabbing it, of course!

putting together wooden log cabin toy - valentine's day 2013
Putting together the real wood log cabin set I found at this local toy and party shop called Atomic Boys. (All my gifts were from there — it's my new favorite store, and I can't believe I hadn't shopped there before!)

boy smiling with cats - valentine's day 2013
Happy boy, finally, with tolerant cats. Mikko still loves the kitties, even though the other day he suggested taking them back to the pet shop where we adopted them so he could get a dog instead.

boy smiling with cats - valentine's day 2013
But cats make such great armrests!

sweet kitties on the couch - valentine's day 2013

cooking a crepe on the stove by himself - valentine's day 2013
Mikko made Sam's family crepe recipe — by himself! I was so impressed. (That's the recipe I think I'll share for the April Carnival of Natural Parenting. You'll drool.)

sweet boy hugging cat - valentine's day 2013

stuff on my cat - valentine's day 2013
Having never even heard of Stuff on My Cat, Mikko still divined the concept.

so undignified - stuff on my cat - valentine's day 2013
This is so undignified.

I encourage you to enter my giveaways for two $100 CVS gift cards: "Staying well during sick days" & "7 ways to turn sick days into fun days." They're open till March 31 (US). We could all use some cold & flu tips (plus extra spending money!) to help us through this sniffly season, right? If you were wondering why Alrik's absent from many of these photos, and then just nursing, it's that he's been sick … again. Stupid winter.

You'll adore the touching photos on the topic of Best Friends over at Natural Parents Network. Another sweet week!

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Jenn said...

What sweet photos. I love sunflowers. Thanks for linking up at my blog.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I LOVE the sunflowers and the necklace. And I had to laugh at your wee one's thoughts about never making his children wait a night for a surprise. Cute!


Masshole Mommy said...

I love the sunflowers! Looks like everyone had a nice Valentine's Day :)

kewkew said...

What a special Valentine's Day!

I Thought I Knew Mama said...

Fun! I love your necklace and the log cabin set and the fact that Mikko is cooking by himself!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Best looking family! I like the picture of the sunflowers with the teeny tiny hands.

Faythe said...

what a festive Valentines! looks like everyone day a fun time. what?? kitty doesn't have fun with paper & ribbons any more!!
we don't do much anymore with our boys gone. it was to darn cold to even think about even going out!
babies love to play with anything on mamas neck or dangling from their ears... I see you still keep your hair up away from pulling fingers, smart mama!

Diana Chastain said...

Love the necklace and breastfeeding pictures! You go momma! I breastfed my Sweet Pea for 14 months. We had to struggle through lip tie but we did it.

Hoping you'll drop by and share your post with us over at my WW Linky. :)

Diana from NannyToMommy

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