Monday, November 7, 2011

Extra Wool Supplies for Cloth Diapering at That Mama Gretchen

Green Belle Designs wool dryer balls held in hand

I'm happy to have a guest post on wool bonus items for cloth diapering over at That Mama Gretchen.

Gretchen has been hosting a full Wool Week on this wonderful cloth-diapering fabric, so check out all the articles from the week: Why Wool?, Building Your Wool Stash, Washing Wool, Lanolizing Wool, DIY Wool Covers, & more!

Plus, she has several amazing wool giveaways listed at the link above and on my parenting giveaway linky that end TODAY, so hurry to enter!

Read about my favorite supplies to have on hand that go beyond wool diaper covers!

I'm a huge fan of wool for cloth diapering My favorite diapering setup is a prefold with a cover, and my favorite covers are wool. But besides wool covers, there are other ways wool supplies can help with diapering! I also use wool dryer balls, wool puddle pads, wool clothing, and a fleece mattress pad.

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