Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Surf: Tumblr style

Welcome to the Sunday Surf! Here are some of the best links I've read this past week.

Last week you got to hear me moan about Google destroying my Shared Items setup.

This week, I get to unveil the new, improved Tumblr version!

Ok, not improved. But similar. And that was the point.

Ready, set, Tumblr!

And here's the one where I explain what I've chosen:

Handling parenting differences with grace, sometimes

Really excellent guest post from Melissa of Vibrant Wanderings. Perfect as we head into holiday travel and visiting!

November novel writing

It's not too late. Join us for NaNoProgMo: National Novel Progress Month!

NaNoProgMo: National Novel Progress Month

If NaNoWriMo or NaBloPoMo have got you cooked, come on over and keep company with Teresa from Mom Grooves and me. All we want is to encourage you (us) to keep on keeping on with our writing this month.

Sign up on our linky to pledge a certain amount of time each day to work on your book(s) — you choose the amount you can spend. Then follow along with us!

We now have a button and a progress meter available, so grab those if you're playing! If you post your progress meter, Teresa will tally up all our hours and put up a nice post to make you feel awesome.

If you're feeling discouraged even from NaNoProgMo, Teresa & I have had our own ups and downs. I'm nearly catching up to where I should be, passing the 20-hour mark. Woot! But it was a hard road until just the past few days, when suddenly I got some time clear and was able to speed ahead. (Well, I'm still behind — but ahead compared with where I was before!)

And I know I said last chance last week, but I still haven't done it, so feel free to take the poll telling me what my Facebook page URL should be!

Visit Natural Parents NetworkFrom Natural Parents Network:

Current giveaways!

Find more giveaways at my Natural parenting giveaways linky! Add your own, and enter some good ones.

You can find more shared items during the week at my Tumblr blog, Hobo Mama's Shared Items.

Check out Authentic Parenting, Baby Dust Diaries, Anktangle, Navelgazing, Momma Jorje, Pineapples & Artichokes, I Thought I Knew Mama, Enjoy Birth, A Domesticated Woman's Adventures (various), Fabulous Mama Chronicles, Kelly Hogaboom (Fridays), The Parent Vortex (weekends), Ichigo Means Strawberry, TouchstoneZ, Hippie Housewife (Saturdays), Multiple Musings, Motherhood Moments, Mama and Baby Love, and A Little Bit of All of It for more Sunday Surfing! (If you also participate in a regular link list, whether on Sunday or not, let me know and I'll add your link.)

Feel free to add your recommendations in the comments. Happy reading!


Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

Thank you for the shout out! I adored Melissa's guest post and I'm interested to read both why you chose tumblr and the guide to pinterest. Great list of links

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