Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Make a hand turkey for Thanksgiving

Oldie but goodie! You can't get through this week without making a hand turkey with your little kid.1

1 drawing hand turkey — thanksgiving holidays
Trace around your child's hand. (Bonus: If you save one from each year, you'll get to see how your kids grow!) The fingers are the fancy tail feathers, and the thumb is the head. I like to state the obvious.

2 color in hand turkey — thanksgiving holidays
Let your child loose coloring it in. Don't worry if it turns out like this — I've got alternate plans up my sleeve.

I'm purposely not searching around on Pinterest or other blogs for perfect looking Thanksgiving crafts, because this is supposed to be a holiday of gratitude for what you've got, not shame for what you don't. So make this craft as (un)complicated as you want it to be — decorate with stickers, markers, paints, crayons, glitter, string, whatever you or your kidlet want. Theoretically, they could color each finger/feather a different color, but as you can see, not all four-year-olds are into realism or following directions or, in fact, even waiting for directions before forging ahead, heaven love 'em.

3 cap marker hand turkey — thanksgiving holidays

4 cut out hand turkey — thanksgiving holidays
Plan B commences! Cut out the hand turkey and glue it to a contrastingly colorful sheet of paper. For hand-eye practice, your kid can do the cutting. Tip: Kids love gluing. A glue stick makes it less obnoxious for you.

Redraw the eye, beak, giblet (approximate that sucker), side wing, and turkey feet.

5 write happy hand turkey — thanksgiving holidays
I offered to write "Happy Thanksgiving" on our new sign, but Mikko wanted to do it himself. Here is "Happy."

6 copy words hand turkey — thanksgiving holidays
(Yes, we changed into jammies halfway through.)

"Thanksgiving" had to go on another sheet. Man, that word is long! He started out writing it himself with me dictating the letters, but then I got the brainstorm to write it out so he could copy it. He liked that even better!

7 writing thanksgiving hand turkey — thanksgiving holidays
Yup, that says "Thanksgiving." Don't even doubt it.

8 tape hand turkey — thanksgiving holidays
Of course we (he) had to tape our beautiful new Turkey Day signs to the door so everyone could enjoy the spirit of the holiday.

9 sign hanging on door hand turkey — thanksgiving holidays
I'd say that's suitably festive!

Have you do any turkey crafts this year? What are your Thanksgiving plans? Am I invited?

1 Assuming you're in the U.S., celebrate Thanksgiving, have a suitably aged kid, and/or want to. Hey, it's easy!


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