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Winners of the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide — and coupons for your natural, small-business shopping!

Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide

Congratulations to all of the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide Winners!

From Destany Fenton Fine Art via Code Name: MamaMandy won an original 12x16 portrait (ARV $220)

For a unique heirloom gift that you will treasure for a lifetime, have Destany Fenton paint a portrait of your child or family.

Be sure to like Destany Fenton Fine Art on Facebook!



From Glass Dharma via Living Peacefully with ChildrenJorje won a $25 Gift Certificate

Help protect the environment with these beautifully functional glass straws.

Be sure to like Glass Dharma on Facebook!



From Kangaroo Care via Firmly PlantedAli won a Nursing Necklace (ARV $25)!

Visit Kangaroo Care for beautiful nursing necklaces, teethers, and necklaces for little girls.

Be sure to like Kangaroo Care on Facebook!



From KR Dyeworks viaDownside Up And Outside InAmanda won a $25 gift certificate!

Visit Kimberly's shop and see her lovely yarns and knitted items, such as this skein of Affection Neutral Rose that you could make into the world's dearest baby hat or booties!

Be sure to like KimberlyR Designs & KR Dyeworks on Facebook!



From Texture Clothing via very, very fineAllison won a Comfy Skirt (ARV $72)

Texture Clothing combines comfort, style and ecological responsibility to amazing ends.

Be sure to like Texture Clothing on Facebook!




From Terramor via ourfeminist{play}school Zhandra won a jewelery gift set (ARV $30)

The earrings that Terramor crafts are much more than your simple baubles found at a mall stand; these earrings are made to draw the eye with their natural and simple lines. There is an obvious concentration on natural elements and the colours of nature.

Be sure to like Terramor on Facebook!



From Rock Paper Tree via Vibrant WanderingsNatasha won a $50 gift certificate good toward handcrafted items made with precious metals, crystals, and gemstones

Rock Paper Tree is a unique and beautiful store offering handcrafted art, both wearable and for display, made using precious metals, crystals, and gemstones.

Be sure to like Rock Paper Tree on Facebook!



From Monkey Mama Necklaces via I Thought I Knew MamaAnne won a nursing necklace, a safe and distracting necklace perfect for little nurslings (ARV $20)

Monkey Mama Necklaces are beautiful, safe, functional, and ethical necklaces created with nursing and babywearing mamas in mind.

Be sure to like Monkey Mama Necklaces on Facebook!



From Two Pink Hearts via Code Name: MamaCarizza won a $20 Gift Certificate for a fashion camera strap cover
Shop now with coupon code holiday10 and get 10% off through December 31, 2012!

Fancy up your camera with a fashionable camera strap cover from Two Pink Hearts. The camera strap covers are 25” X 3" and fit over a standard DSLR digital camera strap.

Be sure to like Two Pink Hearts on Facebook!



From Easy Lunchboxes via Firmly PlantedSue won a set of Food Storage Containers and a Lunch Bag (ARV $22)!

Visit Easy Lunchboxes for a great solution to figuring out lunch time!

Be sure to like Easy Lunchboxes on Facebook!



From moksa organics via ourfeminist{play}schoolBrittney won a $30 gift certificate!

There is nothing like the luxury of a body butter or aromatic soap - unless of course they are also organic, carbon neutral and totally free of chemicals. This company has it all: an amazing global mission and a stunning set of products all with a goal of taking care of our bodies and well-being.

Be sure to like moksa organics on Facebook!



From Libre Tea via The Hippie HousewifeStephanie won a Libre glass ’n poly Original Tea Glass (ARV $24)

Libre Tea Glasses are an innovative all-in-one system that allow you to brew and drink loose leaf tea while on the go.

Be sure to like Libre Tea on Facebook!




From Dirty Diva Soaps via Hybrid Rasta MamaVanessa won a set of three soaps (ARV $20)
Shop now with coupon code Hybridrastamama and get 10% off your purchase through November 25, 2012!

Visit Dirty Diva Soaps where you will find all natural, vegan, handmade soaps, shampoo bars, conditioners, laundry detergent, aftershave, lip balm and cuticle balm, perfumes, and lotions.

Be sure to like Dirty Diva Soaps on Facebook!



From A Mother's Boutique via Hobo MamaJulia won a $75 Gift Certificate for Nursing & Maternity Wear
Shop now with coupon code HOBO10 and get 10% off virtually any item in the store (certain exclusions apply) through December 31, 2012!

Visit A Mother's Boutique for high-quality, unique clothing for pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as slings, breast pumps, and other mothering essentials.

Be sure to like A Mother's Boutique on Facebook!



From Anointment via MomeeeZenBianca won Baby Balm, Baby Oil, Calendula Soap and a Soap Scrubbie (ARV $30)
Shop now with coupon code npnreview and orders over $50 get free shipping to US/Canada and a free gift through December 31, 2012!

Visit Anointment for purely natural care products for the whole family.
Be sure to like Anointment on Facebook!



From Flying Bird Botanicals via very, very fineAmber won a $25 gift certificate!

Flying Bird Botanicals' artisan tea blends, rich drinking chocolates, and organic body and baby care products are handcrafted from 100% organic locally-sourced and fair trade ingredients, providing you with luxury you can feel (really, really) good about.

Be sure to like Flying Bird Botanicals on Facebook!



From Lauren Wayne via ourfeminist{play}school, Jacqueline and Jessica won copies of Poetry of a Hobo Mama: The First Three Years (ARV $10 x 2)
Shop now with coupon code SAP84AYJ and get 20% off all orders of the trade paperback at the author's store through December 31, 2012!

Poetry of a Hobo Mama is a moving and essential collection of poetry that captures the journey of mothering from inception and loss, to birth and child development. Lauren Wayne uses poetry to play with the raw experiences of life and the humour that can be found in the role of a mother.

Be sure to like Lauren Wayne on Facebook!



From Dionna Ford via I Thought I Knew MamaCourtney and Tamar won copies of For My Children: A Mother's Journal of Memories, Wishes and Wisdom, a beautiful way for a mother to pass along her memories (ARV $15 x 2)

For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes, and Wisdom is a beautiful and unique way for you - or a special mama in your life - to pass down her life story. This book's thought-provoking prompts will remind you of how much you still want to learn about your own mother, as well as how much the intricacies of your own life will matter to your children.

Be sure to like Code Name: Mama on Facebook!



From Job Description: Mommy via Code Name: MamaSarah won 3 Pairs of Handmade Earrings (up to $45 ARV)

Visit Job Description: Mommy for unique, gorgeous earrings (and other jewelry coming soon). These earrings are gorgeous enough to be worn with classy business attire, yet fun enough to dress up a night-on-the-town outfit or to wear casually with jeans.

Be sure to like Job Description Mommy on Facebook!



From Kid Culture via ourfeminist{play}schoolAmy won a family set of Play Me Mama Crafts' organic hankies! (ARV $24)

If there is one thing you can be certain of, especially when you have kids, it is the presence of snot. And nothing cleans that mess up like these lovely organic hankies made by PlayMeMama and stocked by the kids store: Kid Culture.

Be sure to follow Kid Culture on Twitter!



From Soapie Skyes via Living Peacefully with Children Anne won a bottle of All Natural Balancing Shampoo (ARV $20)
Shop now with coupon code NATURALCHRISTMAS and get 25% off all orders through January 5, 2013!

Visit Soapie Skyes for high-quality, all natural bath and body products.

Be sure to like Soapie Skyes on Facebook!



From The Tea Spot via A Little Bit of All of ItAshley won a Steeping Cup and an Organic Tea Sampler (ARV $44)
Shop now with coupon code naturalparents and get 15% off your order until December 30, 2012!

Visit The Tea Spot for unique steepware and Fair-Trade certified organic estate teas and signature blends.

Be sure to like The Tea Spot on Facebook!



From Dysfunction Designs via The Hippie HousewifeSharmista won a $20 Gift Certificate
Shop now with coupon code NATGIFTS and get 5% off all orders through December 31, 2012!

Visit Dysfunction Designs for handmade necklaces and bracelets for women and men. From vintage-inspired to tribal, skater to bohemian, Dysfunction Designs offers handmade jewelery for free spirits of all kinds.

Be sure to like Dysfunction Designs on Facebook!



From Earthfaeries Homebrewed Soap via Firmly PlantedBrenda won a $20 Gift Card!

Earthfaeries home-brews some amazing soaps and perfumes as well as other handmade goods.

Be sure to like Earthfaeries Homebrewed Soap on Facebook!



From Hybrid Rasta Mama via Diary of a First Child Christine, Ally and Krystallina won copies of the eBook 'Coconut Oil For Your Skin'(ARV $7 x 3)
Shop now with coupon code NPNHOLIDAY and get 15% off all orders through December 31, 2012!

This eBook contains 40 fantastic recipes for coconut-based bath and beauty products that are simple and practical to make at home. There's also a really handy guide to essential oils and their uses.

Be sure to like Hybrid Rasta Mama on Facebook!



From Raising Green Kids via very, very fineJanine won a $25 gift certificate!

Raising Green Kids aims to help parents make eco-friendly choices toward healthier families and a healthier world.

Be sure to like Raising Green Kids on Facebook!



From Poppy Soap Company via Fine and FairCharise, Karla and Melanie won a Mix & Match Organic Soap Sets (ARV $30)

Poppy Soap Company is an eco-conscious, carbon neutral, mother-owned company making handmade specialty organic soaps for every skin type while giving back to local women's shelters. Poppy Soap Company's soap bars come in a variety of heavenly scents and each bar is beautifully detailed.

Be sure to like Poppy Soap Company on Facebook!



From Worts and Cunning Apothecary via Living Peacefully with ChildrenRhonda won a Happy Homestead Remedy Kit (ARV $20)

Worts and Cunning Apothecary specializes in fully enchanted herbal care and homeopathy. With fantastically named products and attention to detail, customers are certain to find may wonderful gifts.

Be sure to like Worts and Cunning Apothecary on Facebook!



From The Babywearing Workout via MomeeeZen and True Confessions of a Real MommyMaile, Jeri, Shakeeta, Angie and Erin won copies of Mama's "Little" Personal Trainer (ARV $10 x 5)
Shop now with coupon code NPN2012 and get 15% off your purchase until December 24, 2012!

If you and your baby love babywearing AND you want to exercise, then this video is for you! Get the best of both worlds when you strap on your favorite carrier and join Kelli Roschak, Mama and creator of the workout, in her Babywearing Workout.

Be sure to like The Babywearing Workout on Facebook!



From Bent River Bobbins via Firmly PlantedCassandra won a $20 Gift Certificate!

Heather at Bent River Bobbins creates high quality, reusable bags and sandwich wraps as well as sweet baby toys and other useful items.

Be sure to like Bent River Bobbins on Facebook!



From Presence Parenting via AnktangleKelly won a 60-Minute Nurturing Presence Session(ARV $50)!

Check out Presence Parenting for practical parenting information, insights, and parent-to-parent support to experience peace and create true personal, family, and world harmony.

Be sure to like Presence Parenting on Facebook!



From Wooly Moss Roots via Hybrid Rasta MamaLena won an all natural Tooth Powder, Magical Healing Salve, and a Smudging Bundle (ARV $34)

Visit Wooly Moss Roots where you will find wonderful wooden buttons, herbal goodness, and wooly delights.

Be sure to like Wooly Moss Roots on Facebook!



From Olive Shoot Institute via Firmly PlantedKerry won Extreme 18X Soap Nut Liquid Concentrate and a Guinea Pig Doll (ARV $40)!

Cindy at Olive Shoot Institute has a plethora of soap nut products as well as sweet handmade dolls.

Be sure to like Olive Shoot Institute on Facebook!



From Sacred Rose Tea via A Little Bit of All of ItAmanda won 1 box of Holiday Blend Organic Tea and a Tea Infuser (ARV $27)

Visit Sacred Rose Tea for hand-crafted, premium quality, all natural and healthy herbal infusions.

Be sure to like Sacred Rose Tea on Facebook!



From doTERRA via MomeeeZenLorina won a $20 gift card & a free phone consultation with Patti Tinholt to help you learn which Essential Oils are right for you!

If you are looking to reap the benefits of using Essential Oils, but just don't know where to start, doTERRA is the place for you! doTERRA Essential Oils are Certified Therapeutic Grade and free from fillers, artificial ingredients, pesticides and harmful chemicals. All you get is 100% pure natural goodness!

Be sure to visit doTERRA!



From Maggie’s Naturals via Hybrid Rasta MamaLiz won a 6-pack Variety Food Coloring Package (ARV $60)

Visit Maggie’s Naturals where you will find a food coloring made from all natural and organic plant, fruit and vegetable extracts. Maggie’s Naturals come in 6 brilliant colors.

Be sure to like Maggie's Naturals on Facebook!



From Earthslings via Code Name: MamaNichole won a $35 Gift Certificate toward pouch slings, dolls, dress-up costumes, and more
Shop now with coupon code KIDS2012 and get 10% off through December 31, 2012!

Earthslings began as a pouch sling company; Sam has since expanded to make pouch slings for you and your child, dolls, children's dress-up goodies, and much more!

Be sure to like Earthslings on Facebook!



From Pip & Bean via Hobo MamaAngeliina won a Superhero Kit: Reversible Cape, Mask, and Arm Bands (ARV $25)

Visit Pip & Bean for customized capes and adorable dress-up costumes. You can buy birthday party kits or sets just right for siblings — or even weddings!

Be sure to like Pip & Bean on Facebook!



From Wild Arbutus via AnktangleMaria won a Handmade Baby Hat (ARV $25)
Shop now with coupon code NPNGIFTS10 and get 10% off all orders through December 31, 2012!

Visit Wild Arbutus for handcrafted crochet children's toys and knit baby and children's hats and headbands.

Be sure to like Wild Arbutus on Facebook!



From SoRad via ourfeminist{play}schoolCarly won a Ninja Sleep Set (ARV $40)

Head over to SoRad to check out the eco-chic and totally wearable baby and kid's clothes - you will most definitely fall in love.

Be sure to like SoRad on Facebook!



From Serious Puzzles via Momma JorjeLindsay won a Jumbo Numbers - 20pc Wooden Puzzle By Melissa & Doug (ARV $20)

Serious Puzzles started as a small company in the basement and has grown to have 17 employees, but they still pride themselves on having that same personalized care they offered from the beginning.

Be sure to like on Facebook!



From The Enchanted Cupboard via Hybrid Rasta MamaMorgan won a $20 Gift Certificate!

Visit The Enchanted Cupboard, where you will find wonderful wooden toys, custom wedding cake toppers, wooden dolls, and playsets that work wonderfully with Waldorf nature tables, and a few enchanting things for the young at heart.

Be sure to like The Enchanted Cupboard on Facebook!



From Ergobaby via A Little Bit of All of ItMelissa and Andrea won Ergobaby Doll Carriers (ARV $25 x 2)

Visit Ergobaby for their award-winning baby carriers and other babywearing products.

Be sure to like Ergobaby on Facebook!




From Born at Home Toys via That Mama GretchenHeather won a Fishing Set (ARV $20)

Are you looking for home-crafted goodies for your little one this holiday season? Look no further than Born at Home Toys!

Be sure to like Born at Home Toys on Facebook!




From Intuition Physician via Mommying My WayAudre won a Set of 2 Attachment Parenting-Related Children's Stories (ARV $34)

Visit Intuition Physician for high-quality, beautifully illustrated, creative stories, as well as many other medical resources.

Be sure to like Intuition Physician on Facebook!



From Sophisticated Play Apparel via Living Peacefully with ChildrenMarybeth won a Matching Set of Toddler Wrist Warmers and Cowl (ARV $34)
Shop now with coupon code livingpeacefully and get 15% off all orders through January 5, 2013!

Sophisticated Play Apparel uses natural fibers to make wearable art. Check out their Etsy shop for other products such as the little kimono baby booties.

Be sure to like Sophisticated Play Apparel on Facebook!



From Desert Dye Works via Hybrid Rasta MamaGretchen won a $30 Gift Certificate!

Visit Desert Dye Works where you will find some brilliantly dyed play silks in all sizes, large play canopies, silk dress up items, and prayer flags.

Be sure to like Desert Dye Works on Facebook!



From Jupiter's Child, via Downside Up and Outside InTara won a beautiful hand dyed, hand spliced rainbow colored jump rope (ARV $25)

Jupiter's Child offers their gorgeous jump ropes in a variety of hand dyed colors, and carry many other exquisite toys, such as their beautiful carved wooden animals set.

Be sure to like Jupiter's Child on Facebook!



From LeoandLola via Firmly PlantedJoella won a $50 Gift Card!

Ashley at LeoandLola creates the sweetest onesies, t-shirts and dresses, as well as upcycled dresses, made from old t-shirts.

Be sure to like LeoandLola on Facebook!



From Anktangle Creations via A Little Bit of All of ItAnna won a $20 gift certificate

Visit Anktangle Creations for high-quality, handmade gifts for baby, home, and family.

Be sure to like Anktangle on Facebook!



From Howells Natural Wood Products via Hybrid Rasta MamaErin won a set of solid, natural building blocks (ARV $33)

Visit Howells Natural Products where you will find wonderful natural wood block sets in all sizes, wooden puzzles, and even some gorgeous wooden drink coasters.

Be sure to like Howell'sWood Products on Facebook!



From Moby via A Little Bit of All of ItTheresa won a Mini Moby Doll Carrier and Knot Hat (ARV $21)

Visit Moby for the popular stretchy wrap that millions of moms love.

Be sure to like Moby on Facebook!




From Wise Daughters Craft Market via ourfeminist{play}schoolKatina won a set of wooden play money! (ARV $20)

Visit this shop in Toronto to grab everything on your crafty holiday gift list; among the wares of over 75 hosted artists and crafters, you are bound to find an array of treasures and treats in this studio-esque shop.

Be sure to like Wise Daughters Craft Market on Facebook!



From Z-Man Games via Living Peacefully with ChildrenApril and Lynn won a copy of the board game Mondo (ARV $40 x 2)

Z-Man Games has a history of making quality games and Mondo is no exception. Families will enjoy spending time together as they play this fun tile game.

Be sure to like Z-Man Games on Facebook!



From RainbowSouffle via A Little Bit of All of ItJessica won a $20 Gift Certificate.

Visit RainbowSouffle for a variety of colorful items for your little ones.

Be sure to like RainbowSouffle on Facebook!




From Knot Genie via Living Peacefully with ChildrenKelli won a Knot Genie Detangle Brush (ARV $20)

Visit Knot Genie for tips and tricks on how to get out the tangles without tears.

Be sure to like Knot Genie on Facebook!



From Stubby Pencil Studio via Vibrant WanderingsKaty won $60 worth of Eco Friendly Art Materials. (ARV $60)

Stubby Pencil Studio, an online company founded and run by a mom of twins, sells a variety of safe and eco friendly art materials, stationery, school supplies, and unique gifts that kids love.

Be sure to like Stubby Pencil Studio on Facebook!



From Wooly Topic via Our Crazy Corner of the WorldSarah won a set of 6 Wool Rock Pods (ARV $36)
Shop now with coupon code celebration10 and get 10% off your purchase until December 30, 2012!

Wooly Topic is a Canadian-based company making home decor and Waldorf-inspired toys out of locally purchased, hand-dyed wool. They are dedicated to making eco-friendly and natural products for the home (such as their lavender dryer balls), as well as safe toys for little ones.

Be sure to like Wooly Topic on Facebook!



From Dominna via Code Name: MamaRachel won a $30 Gift Certificate toward handmade Latvian toys

Dominna is full of beautiful, handmade toys from faraway Latvia. Each piece is crafted with love in brilliant colors and quality materials.

Be sure to favorite Dominna on Etsy!



From Lucy Locket Creations via The Artful MamaJacqueline won a Dragon or Dinosaur De-tachable Tail (ARV $20)

Visit Lucy Locket Creations for high-quality, handmade pillows, sheets, kitchen items, and other delightful fabric creations.

Be sure to like Lucy Locket Creations on Facebook!



From Kid Culture via ourfeminist{play}schoolJoel won a Superhero Cape for your Lil' Superhero! (ARV $20)

Visit Kid Culture in Toronto for an outstanding collection of hand-curated clothes, crafts and toys for your hipster family.

Be sure to like Kid Culture on Facebook!



From Nushkie via Hybrid Rasta MamaTiffany won a 54 piece Jigsaw Puzzle (ARV $24)

Visit Nushkie where you will find Waldorf-inspired needle felted wool angels, fairies, gnomes, elf figures, wall hangings, decor and wearable art for the child at heart! Perfect for Steiner nature tables, holidays, birthdays, teacher gifts, baby showers and blessing ways, and memorials.

Be sure to like Nushkie Design on Facebook!



From Playful Planet via Presence ParentingJenny and Susannah won a Storyland Yoga DVD (ARV $15)

Playful Planet blends the excitement of stories and the benefits of yoga with conscious living practices to nurture families worldwide.

Be sure to like Playful Planet on Facebook!




From Mama May I via Code Name: MamaLyndsay won a Story Starters Game (ARV $25)
Shop now with coupon code NPNHOLIDAY and get 10% off through December 31, 2012!

Each piece in Mama May I has been thoughtfully designed to nurture children's development through open-ended play.

Be sure to like Mama May I on Facebook!



From BirchLeaf Designs via Hobo MamaStefanie won 2 Hand-Dyed Playsilks (ARV $26)

Visit BirchLeaf Designs for hand-crafted and whimsical playthings made from natural materials like wood and fabrics.

Be sure to like BirchLeaf Designs on Facebook!




From Cashmere Cuddles via Amy Willa: Me, Mothering, and Making it All WorkAmy won a Cuddles for Kids Doll Carrier (ARV $25)

Visit Cashmere Cuddles for high-quality, lovingly handmade baby carriers, doll carriers, and kids' whimsy items.

Be sure to like Cashmere Cuddles on Facebook!



From MonCherPug via The Artful MamaSusan won an Organic Miniature Pug (ARV $45)

Visit MonCherPugs for high-quality, handmade pugs made by artist A. Nichelle.

Be sure to like MonCherPug on Facebook!



From Snapdragon Fortress via AnktangleJenny won a Knit Wool Kitten (ARV $20)!

Visit Snapdragon Fortress for eco-friendly wooden toys, teethers, knit wool stuffed animals, quality natural Waldorf dolls, and more!

Be sure to like Snapdragon Fortress on Facebook!



From Yarns and Storys via Our Crazy Corner of the WorldDestany won a store credit worth $30, at Yarns and Storys

Yarns and Storys is owned by Robyn, SAHM mother of two, selling hand spun and hand-dyed fibers, as well as hats, scarves and other clothing items. Her products are hand made and use with local fibers.

Be sure to like Yarns and Storys on Facebook!



From Yellow Elm via Mothers of ChangeMoira won a handmade felted flower headband (ARV $20)
Shop now with coupon code HANDMADEHOLIDAY15 and get 15% off all orders through December 31, 2012!

Visit Yellow Elm to find beautiful felted pieces: handcrafted art that you can wear everyday. Yellow Elm specializes in headbands, hair clips, and brooches, and also offers other beautiful items such as necklaces and wool dryer balls.

Be sure to like Yellow Elm on Facebook!



From Barefoot Books via Downside Up And Outside InAmanda won a book from independent children's book publishers, Barefoot Books! (ARV $25)

Whatever you chose from Barefoot Books, you are sure to find a new book that your children will love and you enjoy reading to them for years to come.

Be sure to like Barefoot Books on Facebook!



From Prima Princessa via Hobo MamaBelinda, Wayne and Dorinda won copies of Prima Princessa Presents: The Nutcracker kids ballet DVD (ARV $7 x 3)

Visit Prima Princessa for engaging DVDs that bring real ballets and ballet moves and language down to a kid's level.

Be sure to like Prima Princessa on Facebook!



From Elemental Handcrafts via Hybrid Rasta MamaVanessa won a personalized wooden ball/spoon set with a magnet (ARV $33)

Visit Elemental Handcrafts where you will find some incredible felted wool breastfeeding dolls, wool sculptures and treasures, magnets, knitting needles, play mats, suncatchers, and much more.

Be sure to favorite Elemental Handcrafts on Etsy!



From Averylee Kids via That Mama GretchenHeather won Baby Booties and an Owl Taggie (ARV $35)

"Made by Moms, for Moms" is the tagline of the adorable shop, Averylee Kids. Their sweet lil' boots and sensory owl taggies are sewn with great care.

Be sure to like Averylee Kids on Facebook!



From The Sugar Cone Shoppe via A Little Bit of All of ItHelena won a Mei Tai Doll Carrier (ARV $32)

Visit The Sugar Cone Shoppe for eco-friendly and safe teethers and nursing necklaces.

Be sure to like The Sugar Cone Shoppe on Facebook!

Disclosure: Some links are affiliate links.
I try to seek out only products I think you would find
relevant and useful to your life as a natural parent.
See my full disclosure policy here.


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