Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: O Tannenbaum

st nicholas day shoes out — christmas12 holidays
This past week we again celebrated Nikolaustag (St. Nicholas' Day). The boys and I have been going to a German enrichment program, so of course we sang some Nikolaus songs there. Yes, neither kid has boots right now, so we went with shoes.

baby picks up his st nicholas day presents — christmas12 holidays alrik a1yo a18mo
Only a 1-year-old would be thrilled to receive toothbrushes,
an orange, and string cheese. I love this age!

boys watching the tree — christmas12 holidays mikko m5yo alrik a1yo a18mo
While Grandma was visiting, we bought our Christmas tree. I love its shape.
And it was the cheapest tree in the lot!

boy helping decorate the tree with ornaments — christmas12 holidays mikko m5yo
Grandma helped Mikko and me decorate it.
(More on that in my Carnival of Natural Parenting post.)

boy putting star on the top of the tree — christmas12 holidays mikko m5yo
Mikko stood on a chair to help put the star on top.

baby points to ornament on the tree — christmas12 holidays alrik a1yo a18mo

dad mixing the dessert — christmas12 holidays sam
Sam disappeared into the kitchen to whip up a favorite family dessert.

plum dessert baking in the oven — christmas12 holidays cooking food
Yum! It's a dried plum soufflé.

boys video chatting with grandpa while opening presents — christmas12 holidays mikko m5yo alrik a1yo a18mo
It was mini-Christmas with Grandma visiting (and bearing gifts!) and Granddad on video chat — you can see him there on the screen!

boys and dad opening gift together — christmas12 holidays mikko m5yo alrik a1yo a18mo sam

baby peeks inside present while unwrapping — christmas12 holidays alrik a1yo a18mo
Alrik peeks into one of his presents.

baby toddler unwraps present — christmas12 holidays alrik a1yo a18mo
Little brothers are too slow! Mikko takes over the paper ripping.
Big brothers know their stuff.

baby happy with present — christmas12 holidays alrik a1yo a18mo
Just what they wanted!

led candle and shells in mason jar — christmas12 holidays decorations
I'm quite pleased with my beach-cottage holiday decor idea: mason and jam jars with battery-operated Ikea candles and our shell collection divvied among them.
You should totally pin me, dude:

baby excited about balloon — christmas12 holidays alrik a1yo a18mo
And, again, only 1-year-olds get THIS excited over as-yet uninflated balloons.

baby hands in stockings — christmas12 holidays alrik a1yo a18mo
And this merry over putting stockings on their hands!

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I Thought I Knew Mama said...

This all looks like so much fun, and the dessert looks incredible!

Momma Jorje said...

What a beautiful early Christmas celebration! I swear, though, you need to post about the boot thing a MONTH in advance next year (I realize you posted it earlier... like the day before)!

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