Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Merry Christmas!

Since I'll be taking off from blogging to enjoy Christmas, I'm scheduling this in advance from more of our holiday-anticipation photos! Hope you've all been having a merry celebration with friends and family and are enjoying Boxing Day.

boy working with markers on ornament — holidays Christmas12
One of our activity-a-day Advent happenings was decorating these ornaments.
Mikko got into it.

baby decorating cardboard with markers — holidays Christmas12
So of course Alrik had to join in!
I gave him some cardboard from the recycling to decorate, and he was none the wiser.

baby happy with markers — holidays Christmas12
He was thrilled!

reindeer babylegs — holidays Christmas12
He was also suitably impressed with the googly-eyed reindeer
baby leg warmers I made him
{this is my easy tutorial if you want to whip some up
for your young'uns or other little legs!}.

constructing gingerbread house — holidays Christmas12
Another day's activity was to put together this gingerbread house kit. It was meant to be a village of four little houses, but Mikko had grander plans, so we followed his lead.

boy constructing gingerbread house — holidays Christmas12
He decided at least a double-decker was in order. He wanted a skyscraper, but Sam had to talk him down to something structurally possible with a few cookies and some frosting.

boy constructing gingerbread house — holidays Christmas12
I think Mikko's favorite part was bite-trimming the cookies to fit.

dad constructing gingerbread house — holidays Christmas12

hanging lights on the gingerbread houses — holidays Christmas12
When the house and outbuildings were constructed, Sam suggested letting it set for the icing to harden. Mikko ignored this idea and immediately began stringing "lights."

boy with sweet smile — holidays Christmas12
He's a good idea person.

boy and dad decorating gingerbread house — holidays Christmas12

baby with bag of candy — holidays Christmas12
Alrik woke up from his nap and proceeded to shanghai all the candy.

finished gingerbread house — holidays Christmas12
But we salvaged enough to finish our creation! Looks almost like the professional gingerbread houses downtown, am I right? -->

gingerbread house castle — holidays Christmas12
Yup, almost.
Let's get in for a closer look at our masterpiece -->

gingerbread house — holidays Christmas12
I added the portholes to give it that nautical flair.

gingerbread house — holidays Christmas12
Tipi? Tent? A-frame log cabin? Who knows, it's festive!

wrapped present — holidays Christmas12
At this point, our cheery packages have been reduced to piles of paper and ribbon (Sam scored all our wrapping paper rolls this year at Goodwill, which I thought was quite green of him!), and the kidlets and Sam and I are playing with their new treasures.

wrapped present — holidays Christmas12
A very merry Twelve Days of Christmas to you and yours!

You'll also love photos of Birthdays over at Natural Parents Network! How do you celebrate?

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Anonymous said...

I really want to do a gingerbread house, I wasn't organised this year, definitely plan to next year, it looks so much fun, and it will totally appeal to Daddy the engineer!
Love the babylegs! Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Shannon said...

Those are the best baby legs EVER.

Good Girl Gone Green said...

What an adorable gingerbread house. Looks like they had fun! Happy Holidays!

krysta said...

Hehe little feet with funny socks!

Santosha said...

The gingerbread houses turned out awesome! It's one of my favorite family traditions, although I will admit I have resorted to just buying the kit with precut pieces that fit together. :) Happy Holidays!

Prof. Hannah said...

I have been dying to know if Mikko was able to score pink wiper blades for Sam. Literally, I was up all night wondering.

Lauren Wayne said...

@Hannah, Horn, and Hannabert: I forgot about those! I have to tell Sam to see if he wants a late present. ;)

The gift Mikko actually put together was beyond awesome. With my help and some visits to Salvation Army, he got Sam clear glasses with big, round metal frames, jean overalls, and a stripy blue shirt so he could be Billy Cranston — the blue Power Ranger from the 1990s. I'm sure pictures will be coming! Ha ha ha! Mikko was so excited about this, and he just kept saying we also needed to make him a blue suit and a big robot triceratops out of cardboard.

Lauren Wayne said...

@Santosha: We totally resort, too. I remember baking gingerbread pieces as a child and how fiddly it was to get them sized right. Last year we had some other kids over and just did graham crackers, in fact! :)

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