Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: First haircut

We determined it was time for the ritual first cutting of the mullet for Alrik, 21 months at the time. We came to this conclusion because Mikko had been pestering us about getting his own growing locks out of his eyes — though continually refusing all offers to do so: haircut, bandanna, hair clips. He finally agreed to a haircut if I did it and promised it wouldn't hurt, so we decided to line them both up and get it all over with at once.

two happy boys attacking each other at the mall - brothers siblings
Here are the brothers pre-haircut, as a refresher.
MacGyver and Lord Byron, an intriguing pair.

first haircut for toddler baby boy
Fortunately Alrik didn't have many hairs to cut …

crying sad first haircut for toddler baby boy
… since it turned out he did
not like the process.

first haircut crying baby
It runs in the family, as you can see from Mikko's first haircut.
(I swear I didn't nick them with the scissors!)

cut hair - first haircut for toddler baby boy

first haircut for toddler baby boy

haircut for older brother who is not sure
After Alrik's performance, Mikko's not so sure he wants to go through with it after all.

Cutting Mikko's hair is like shearing a sheep. It's so thick it takes multiple passes just to get to it all. Even though the thickness is weighing down most of the curls now, I still shed a tear at cutting off any of the remaining loops and bends.

When I was done, he refused to sit for photos and told me I had done it all wrong — that he just wanted the front and sides cut. So, basically, he wanted me to give
him the mullet. My bad.

new haircut short hair on boy
It looked super cute, anyway. We snapped some surreptitious pics as we went to the $3 movie theater to see
Wreck-It Ralph. We were worried how well Alrik would do through a whole movie, but he was transfixed — he ended up being quieter than Mikko!

new haircut short hair on boy
(Yes, Mikko keeps insisting on bandages for face wounds.)

happy with new haircut short hair on toddler baby boy
Alrik was not shy about showing off his new look.

new haircut short hair on boy
A couple more stealth shots as Mikko helped us navigate Ikea.

new haircut short hair on boy

happy with new haircut short hair on toddler baby boy ikea
Still two cute boys!

Enjoy the touching photos of Sick Day over at Natural Parents Network! I'm sure you'll see plenty to relate to.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you did a great job. I cut my daughter's hair, once, when she was 2, and she ended up with a inch fringe/bang/mullet look - I am NOT a hairstylist! So after that we decided we don't mind paying for hair cuts. We go to the "old lady" salon, near us, which has been there for 30 years, and is where all the older ladies go to get their cuts and perms, and is run by a woman who has kids, and grandkids and they are so lovely, and cut E's hair for less than $10 and M's for free. I am too scared to cut his, it is so thick and wild, I am sure I would make such a mess of it!
Lovely photos! :)

Tree Peters said...

Mikko does look really cute with his haircut! If it gets longer again and you layer it, do you think more of the curls will stay? Would that make it lighter?
They both look sooooo cute. I like the bandaid placement too.

Momma Jorje said...

Well maybe I *could* survive cutting Spencer's hair! His hair is a lot like Alrik's.

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