Friday, April 26, 2013

Poems for Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop — Week 4: Trust

Weekly Parenting Poetry WorkshopWe're sharing our poems from the Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop:

Week 4:


This week — our next to last! — we're considering the move into our confidence and rhythm as parents even as we navigate the uncertain waters of discipline, spirituality, and seeking answers to big questions.

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Here are my poems for the week.

dad carrying boy through woods

April 22: Partners: Write a love (or anti-love) poem to your co-parent, or the one you're missing.

You as father

Hard to write a love poem to someone
so ordinarily extraordinary.
I hesitate to laud your parenting prowess,
because it seems you're what a father should be:
elbow-deep in diapers, snuggling to sleep,
answering scads of questions, ferrying a car of kids.
So that it's not you who's better; it's maybe others who lack.
I've made you the standard,
a measure for dads that resets the bar,
a norm that vaults far beyond
into magnificence.

April 24: Faith: How does the spiritual intersect your parenting?


April 26: Why: What big questions from your children have you been terrified and privileged to answer?


You ask what death is, and what is beyond,
and how do I answer when my answers have slipped from my hands?
I who used to know every response by heart
am now failing your questions like a pop quiz.
I stutter and stammer and suggest asking your father,
because — I wish I knew, love.
I wish I knew there was some beautiful beyond
we reach after death.
I wish I believed that still.
I wish I found the logic in telling you our cat and my grandparents
wait for us in a pristine idyll of peace
and that we will stay together always,
cosleeping into eternity in our family bed,
only awake.

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Tree Peters said...

what a sweet poem to your husband. I love "ordinarily extraordinary"... love that you reset the bar. I love the story it tells.

also love "pristine idyll of peace". Damn girl, that's poetry!!
seriously, I feel that poem deeply. "I wish I knew, love"... so nicely weighted.

And I have to thank you again. I am enjoying this so much. Always amazed that I pull it off for another week. Especially getting all 7 in. xo

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