Friday, April 19, 2013

Poems for Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop — Week 3: Hope

Weekly Parenting Poetry WorkshopWe're sharing our poems from the Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop:

Week 3:


This week we're considering babyhood from a natural parenting perspective and examining our changing identity as parents.

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Here are my poems for the week. It strikes me that my third one, while following the daily prompt, ended up not being so hopeful, which was the overarching theme. Interesting how that can happen!

smiling babbling boys

April 15: Milestones: Celebrate your baby's development or a turning point that struck you with wonder.

Myna birds

Oops, it dropped,
you say, and we wonder
if this counts as a three-word sentence,
so astonished are we that
you are becoming people,
a parrot of every phrase,
a mockingbird in our nest.

I'm afraid it's true,
says brother in his big-boy tones,
both of you playing with sounds
as you learn the meanings
and chatter like magpies in our nest.

April 18: Dreams: What do you hope for as a parent?


We once again consider college savings
and are stumped by the question we never asked:
Will our kids even go?
If they join the circus or choose clown college instead,
will we give them a stern lecture
or a kiss and our blessing?
And what investment vehicles
does the government recommend for
trapeze artists in training?

Driving through the University District tonight,
I could picture my boys with a backpack slung,
jeans tight, a cool slouch and a confident grin
as they headed to a class at UW.
I said so to Mikko, "and then you'll come home,
and you can still live with us," my secret glee.
And he said, "But what if I never want to leave?
What if I never go to college?
What if I never go to kindergarten?"
What if?

April 21: Identity: Who are you now that you're a parent? How do you introduce yourself at parties? How do you define yourself in your own head?


Amazing to think my driver's license has a picture of me in its little shiny corner
instead of two tiny smiling faces eclipsing mine.
I don't know what to reach for when I finger my ID.
At dinner with people who barely speak my language,
I falter for the German to tell them who I am: a parent, yes?
And nothing more? I write. I write about parenting.
And their eyes glaze over, this group of non-parents
or other-than-parents or used-to-be-parents,
and I sense how disappointing I am in my tiny little box in this corner.

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Karen du Toit said...

I love your poems, Lauren!
They are beautiful!
The speech progression, being juxtaposed with Myna birds. It works perfect.
And the schooling and thinking about what they will become.
And of course: Our identities change with children...

I am struggling this week... :_( It's still coming!

mail4rosey said...

These are great! I can picture my kiddos on the campus too. I told my youngest he could live w/me forever. He said he'll live next door so he can come over whenever he wants, lol

Tree Peters said...

myna birds... the whole image is so great...
"playing with sounds" captures something so true and magical. I just love that phrase.

"What if" indeed! the idea of your boys dressed for college was too strong and made time speed by for me.

In your identity poem,
I keep reading it again. I like it alot. I keep wanting to give you a pep talk.
More about me, right? Why can't I let you be in your place of feeling this?
I suppose this tells you how much your poem drew me in.

Julia Mangan said...

I particularly like the last one! Your way with words in all of them...I love it. I wish I could write half as well!

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