Monday, April 8, 2013

Prompts for Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop — Week 2: Emerge

Weekly Parenting Poetry WorkshopToday starts the second week of the Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop!

We're each writing at least one parenting-themed poem a week on an overarching parenting theme, which I post on Mondays. On Fridays, I post a linkup so we can all share what we've been working on, and then we enjoy reading each other's work.

I also post daily prompts for the week in advance, both to give you more of an idea of what the theme represents, and for any overachievers who want to write more than one poem a week! Remember, anyone who writes and posts a poem for each day of the challenge automatically wins a signed prize copy of Poetry of a Hobo Mama, and anyone who writes and posts at least weekly will be entered into a drawing for one.

For full details and to grab a badge, see the intro post.

You can enjoy last week's poems here and link up your own if you haven't already! It was a beautiful week of poems on Prepare.

Now it's time to get writing for this week! Ready?

The second week's theme is


This week we're singing our labors and births and reliving the hazy newborn days. The theme and prompts are springboards, so feel free to interpret them in the way they inspire you. Obviously, we are all at different stages in the parenting journey, so we'll need to write according to where we're at. (To be eligible for a prize, poems must make a good effort at relating, at least loosely, to the theme or prompts.)

Optional daily prompts:

April 8: Labor: Each minute in labor is suspended animation. Describe your labor in a poem.
April 9: Birth: Sing this life-changing event, the agony or the sublime.
April 10: Naming: It's a powerful early task of a parent to name a child. What has it meant to you? What does your child's name mean?
April 11: Feeding: Muse on feeding your baby, whether by breast or bottle or some other method.
April 12: Babymoon: Consider those fleeting, infuriating, precious newborn days. What do you remember through the haze of sleeplessness and gooey adoration?
April 13: Experts: What advice did you seek as a new parent? What stuck, or what didn't?
April 14: Babyhood: Write a poem about your favorite or least favorite part of those first months.

Write your poem anytime this week on the theme of Emerge (or go for gold and write on one or more of the daily prompts). If you're blogging along, post your poem(s) on your blog sometime before next Monday. On Friday, I'll provide a linkup post where you can add your link(s) or paste your poem(s) into the comments whenever you're ready.

I'm looking forward to seeing what we all write this week! Thanks so much for joining in. Happy poeming!


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