Friday, April 12, 2013

Poems for Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop — Week 2: Emerge

Weekly Parenting Poetry WorkshopWe're sharing our poems from the Weekly Parenting Poetry Workshop:

Week 2:


This week we're singing our labors and births and reliving the hazy newborn days.

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I'll be posting next week's theme and prompts on Monday. You can post this week's poems at any time during the challenge — the linky will remain open. To be eligible for a prize, link up or paste your poem(s) before Monday.

For full details on the workshop and prizes and to grab a badge or to catch up with us (join anytime!), see the intro post, Week 2's prompts, and Week 1's poems.

Here are my poems for the week.

April 9: Birth: Sing this life-changing event, the agony or the sublime.


Tricky boy, you sneaked in behind the midwife's back,
fooling me into believing I wasn't pushing,
that you wouldn't be arriving till morning at least,
that we had time,
long, monstrous hours to fill,
instead of intense, rapturous, terrible minutes.
You slipped out to our surprise,
a splash that we didn't catch — couldn't —
you too slippery for us to contain or predict,
a flashing red-purple,
wriggling in the water, and finally hauled in,
turning it around
and catching us in your net.

homebirth baby

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kelly @kellynaturally said...

I've linked up --- this week definitely flowed more freely than last week. Thank you for this opportunity, Lauren! :)

Petro said...

Beautiful, both poem and the picture. It's quite touching.
Too bad I cannot write poems :(

Have a great weekend.

Tree Peters said...

this one just made me smile
Especially you getting caught in his net...
oh yeah!
I'm linking up an embarrassing number of poems... all my dailies plus two from last week.
you did ask for it, didn't you?

Karen du Toit said...

Great poem! The "catching in his net" spot on!
I love your poetry!

Julia Mangan said...

Ah, this is so sweet. :) Marcella also slipped past the midwife. :) I got excited and pushed when no one was expecting me to so she swam up to us as well. Love!

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