Monday, December 24, 2012

The Twelve Days of Natural Parenting

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Merry Christmas Eve!

Tomorrow marks the start of the twelve days of Christmas (yes, historically, celebrating Christmas started on December 25 and lasted even longer than Hanukkah! It would be a great way to avoid that post-holiday letdown, right?), so I bring you:

The Twelve Days of Natural Parenting

I wrote a new song based on what our babies want for Christmas: nummies, snuggles, laughing together, going outdoors, and being close to us.

Because what would you do with ten lords a'leaping, anyway?

I recorded the song in a video (below) so you can hear the musical version, or here's a graphic, too, for your viewing pleasure:

The Twelve Days of Natural Parenting for attachment parents — Christmas song

Disclaimers below the video if you're into that sort of thing. If not, merry Christmas, and enjoy!

So, I had this fun idea when I couldn't sleep and I wrote down the lyrics and even dreamed up this fancy music video I was going to do as a companion piece. Only the chances of that happening the week before Christmas are nil, so … I dug through my photo stash and came up with some illustrations instead. Plus, my music recording setup bit the dust, so the audio is just me shouting from the keyboard into our camera that shoots video. Classy! I don't hold no truck with what you snooty musicians call "takes" … or "practicing."

That it's based on Christmas is just because that's what I celebrate. No disrespect intended to those who observe other holidays (or none); the fact that it's changed to the all-natural-parenting theme makes it broad enough for us all, I think! Some of the elements your family might not practice, and this is not some NP litmus test — just funniness. For number #2 (number #2, heh heh!), we call breastfeeding nummies, but you can change the word to be whatever you use for feeding your baby.

In the same vein (I know, this caveat is longer than the video) — I determined early on that it was lyrically more pleasing to use exact terms (pocket diapers, woven wraps, BabyLegs) rather than generic ones (quite literally in the case of BabyLegs; sorry, BabyLegs — your name is just too catchy!), but then I realized I didn't always have the right photos, such as of woven wraps, because I don't actually like woven wraps (don't tell the woven wrap police on me!). I have a couple authentic ones, so I used those, but then also threw in a bunch of non-woven-wrap photos that, if you kind of squint, could be mistaken for woven-wrap photos, and I'm calling that good enough. Oh, I could have found better photos from other people online, but that sounded like a lot of work, plus all the hassle of figuring out how to credit people in a video. So it's all just my own kidlets, et al, but I'd be up for making a new one for next year if y'all want to contribute.

Also? (Oh. my. gosh. Shut up already, disclaimer!) I say "sweet snuggle with Mommy," but that's just so it would fit the lyrics all pretty-like. In the video, you'll see my babies are equal-opportunity snugglers with all sorts of loved ones.

Ok, I think that's all. (Phew!) Have a wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day and Twelfth Night and so on. Don't say I never get you anything.


Mrs.WJAA said...

Sweet :) you're shouting from the keyboard voice is much better than my singing voice, lol, so it's all good :)

Unknown said...

This is so cute and sweet! It shows how you love your children so much. I enjoyed the video a lot. Have a very merry Christmas with your family. :)

Unknown said...

Ah, I absolutely loved the video! Thank you so much for making it! Plus, you have a gorgeous voice :)

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