Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Next stop, Snoozetown

snuggly jammy boys and mom in matching monkey jammies
Matching jammies are a must.

baby smiling in hooded towel
A bath to calm down and ease into sleep.

baby and dad napping
Catching a nap with daddy. Sam's got the baby-soothing magic touch.

boy smiling next to teddy bear
Many items need to make their way into the family bed, including my old teddy bear, Boris. Or, as Mikko has for some reason renamed him, Morris. (This is one of those pictures where Mikko looks so like Sam in his childhood photos it makes me smile.)

preschooler boy napping on the couch sitting up
Mikko had his second dental extraction this day and was feeling a tad fragile. I looked over in the afternoon and saw him sleeping sitting up. (He hasn't napped since he was 2.) I scooted him down onto the couch and added a blanket — but not before I took a picture.

preschooler boy asleep in his car seat
On a day soon thereafter, I peered in my rearview mirror when I parked and realized: Both kids were asleep! Will wonders never cease?

baby asleep in his car seat rear-facing
Since this was after a morning fraught with crying and even some anxiety-induced vomit, I enjoyed the time to play on my cell phone and let the kids sleep their crankies away. Isn't sleep the best?

baby sleeping with arms up — cosleeping

baby sleeping with arms up — cosleeping

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Run DMT said...

Such sweet photos! Sleep certainly is the best.

Shannon said...

I'm glad Mikko got a nap after his rough day. Poor guy.

Rachael said...

I love the matching jammies, too. I wonder if the Critter would go for it?

Melissa said...

Nope, not much sweeter than sleeping babes... or matching jammies.

Lori Popkewitz Alper said...

Nothing like a sleeping baby. They look so sweet and innocent.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness—there's just nothing like sleeping matter how big they get! I love the matching jammies, and congratulations on the surprise naps, too. =)

Anonymous said...

We're finally getting back into our nap routine! He went two whole days without a single good nap! As you can imagine, I'm only typing this because he's snoozing away next to me ;)

Inder-ific said...

Aaaacck! Matching PJs! SO CUTE!!! (Runs to sewing corner to consider matching PJ options for three year old and new baby on the way ... )

Joe hasn't napped regularly since he was two either, which makes those occasional conk-outs all the more special and lovely. Like a gift.

I hope Mikko's feeling okay after his extractions. Ouchy. Poor kiddo.

heathermhs said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren Wayne said...

@heathermhs: I"m pretty sure it was Target. :)

heathermhs said...

I'll have to go see if I can find one for DD! Thanks!

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