Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Surf: The taxman cometh

Welcome to the Sunday Surf! Here are some of the best links I've read this past week.

Sam and I have been spending time with our heads in the books … the accounting books. It's that time of year again!

Generally speaking, I absolutely love being in business for ourselves, but at tax time I have to admit to envying all those of you with a simple W-2 and the option of using the free filing. Sigh.

Before I get back to my multiple Schedule Cs and trying to locate my unfortunately misplaced mileage log (gah!), I will share some reading for those of you with more time on your hands:

  • Up, Down & Natural is hosting a fabulous blog carnival called IF We Believe! The Stories & Faces of Infertility. You're invited to post on your own blog (or submit guest posts for Arpita to post) your stories, experiences, heartache and hope. Have you been going through infertility, or do you have a history of struggling to conceive? Or maybe you can share a story from a friend or loved one. The first carnival will take place during National Infertility Awareness Week, April 24-30, so see the post for details.
  • That WW post shares my poem "Hindsight," from my book, Poetry of a Hobo Mama: The First Three Years. And I am so very pleased to share this fabulous review (my very first!) from Dreaming Aloud:
    Poetry of a Hobo Mama
    "Some of the shortest poems are the most touching, and will stay with me a long time. The images and words from others now frame my own experiences. She has a compelling poetic voice. Mothers, all mothers will recognise their lives, their hopes, fears, longing, frustrations and deepest love writ large in these poems."
  • Thank you so much, Lucy!
  • Dreaming Aloud is also discussing the topic of "Sex after birth," and there's a survey there to fill out to talk about how your feelings about sex and your body have changed (or not) post-baby.
  • "Children Aren't Really A**holes" from Domestic Chaos:
    "These bizarre, slightly terrifying children weren't actually all that bizarre or terrifying -- they were just being kids."
    I've felt this way (particularly when I perceive Mikko as being threatened by swarms of older kids), and have come to the same realization. It's good to be reminded.
  • "In which this is the stuff of God" from Emerging Mummy:
    "If more women were pastors or preachers,
    we'd have a lot more sermons and books about the metaphors of birth
    in relation to the Christian life.

    "How you know that there is life coming
    and the anticipation is sometimes exciting and other times
    exhausting, never-ending.
    How there is a price that you pay,
    a laying-down of sorts - of your own body,
    your own sleep, your own selfishness
    to rise up in baptism of heart-now-outside-your-body.
    How there is a small glimpse of true Love.

    "But we keep it quiet
    because it's just not church-y enough
    and men don't quite understand … ."
  • Speaking of poetry again (it is the month for it, after all!), the Poem-a-Day Challenge continues. I've seen a couple of your wonderful poems as you've been posting them. Would anyone be interested in a centralized link-up where we could share our PAD poems? It could be either as you go through the month, or after the month is over as you're picking out and polishing your best ones (whichever makes you more comfortable!). Let me know, and I can get a linky started if so.
  • I will publish the results soon of my survey on the most important tasks for bloggers — feel free to take the poll beforehand so I can add your voice. It should take only a few minutes (according to my PollDaddy stats), and you can skip any parts you want to if you're in a big rush. I've found the results so far quite illuminating, but I don't want to color anyone's responses by summing them up just yet.
  • "Masculinism in Parenting" from the bee in your bonnet: Very interesting post about resisting and reframing the patriarchy when parenting boys.

And now, back to the taxation…

You can find more shared items during the week at my public Google Reader recommendations feed.

Check out Authentic Parenting, Baby Dust Diaries, Navelgazing, Momma Jorje, I Thought I Knew Mama, Enjoy Birth, A Domesticated Woman's Adventures (various), Fabulous Mama Chronicles, Kelly Hogaboom (Fridays), The Parent Vortex (weekends), Ichigo Means Strawberry, TouchstoneZ, Hippie Housewife (Saturdays), Multiple Musings, Motherhood Moments, Mama and Baby Love, and A Little Bit of All of It for more Sunday Surfing! (If you also participate in a regular link list, whether on Sunday or not, let me know and I'll add your link.)

Feel free to add your recommendations in the comments. Happy reading!


I Thought I Knew Mama said...

I really appreciate you sharing my miscarriage journey post, Lauren! Thanks!

Suchada @ Mama Eve said...

Thanks so much for sharing my post about birth without fear! It's struck a chord with many women, so I'm happy to see it passed on. <3

Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

Another great week of links to enjoy (I'm also enjoying following your google reader feeds. Thank you for those) I do a Sunday Surf, as well, if you wouldn't mind adding my site to your list.

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Thank you so much for including my post! I am loving this stage in our nursing relationship.


Meredith said...

Thanks for sharing my post and blog! Here's hoping that a few more mamas and kiddos will find a way to peacefully and lovingly coexist : )

mamapoekie said...

thank you so much for sharing 2 links from my blog. ANd thanks for all your considerate comments this week (I just got to read a weeks worth of comments, as there was no internet here in RDC as I arrived) I feel really honored

Sarah Bessey said...

///Wow! Totally honoured to be up there, Lauren. Been reading here forever. xo Thank you!

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