Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick hits

Random inanity for your Monday pleasure.

The other night, Mikko said he had to go get a drink of water. (This is a bedtime stalling tactic that is so universal it has become cliché. How did Mikko pick up on it?) We said, Sure, and let him roam out of the bedroom. We heard him call to us from the sink: "Which one is cold, on the right or on the left?"

"The right," Sam called back, and we waited expectantly through the pause.

Little voice calling from the hallway: "Which one is the right?" Yeah, thought so.

My current view in the mirror.

My stretch marks have angry red dots at the top (which you can't see so well in this picture — I didn't do any retouching, but I put the photo through a filter that washed it out a bit), where the skin is stretching again — and further this time. I was wondering if I'd get new stretchmarks or expand the ones I've got, and now I've got half my answer. We'll see what transpires in the next few weeks. My one concern? That they will zip all the way up to my armpits.

I've been having those vivid pregnancy dreams. My mom still likes to recount her own. I wonder if they're more vivid than usual, or if we just wake up more than usual in the third trimester so get to remember them.

I had a dream that my baby was born unassisted at home but premature, brown, and flat as a pancake, weighing about a pound, with small dark eyes on the front of his squished face. I wasn't concerned. Because his mouth (it was a he, despite not having any genitalia) was too small to suck, I squirted breastmilk over his face so some would drip into his mouth and then debated taking him to a doctor or not. Yes, debated. And decided against it.

Later on, the sweetness of the breastmilk attracted flies, and I felt bad.

Oh, and then he was stolen from me and put out for adoption. That sucked. Then again, I hadn't really proved my mothering credentials, huh?

Speaking of waking up a lot in the third trimester, do you think it's trying to jar you into a life of catnaps? Because you always get that advice to "sleep when the baby sleeps," but it's hard to follow if you're used to being up all day and then getting a straight eight or so hours at night.

I'm a total catnapper now.

Mikko's favorite new show is Busytown Mysteries, a Richard Scarry spinoff, starring Huckle the Cat.

Only, he pronounces the "H" in Huckle as an "F." And enthusiastically. Despite all our pleas for enunciation.

Talking with a three-year-old is like talking with an opium addict. He'll just turn to us and say, "The race starts, 10 seconds after we sleep. But you have to be 3 years tall." Ok. "We should go see our friend," he'll continue, "and bring her a shirt." A shirt? I say. "A remote control shirt! With a robot! And a submarine!"

The other day he told me, "We can't build this [a marble run] until it's sleepy time. It sees into your head." And then he changed gears entirely. "Let's get some baby clothes. With sprinkles on them. It's a ballet dress! For the baby!"


All right, I'm off to garden while the sun's still shining.


Unknown said...

Your belly is so beautiful, Lauren! I love your shiny stretch marks...and I'm fairly certain they won't make it all the way to your pits in the next few weeks. =P

Inder-ific said...

Well of course the race starts 10 seconds after we sleep! Duh. I love it. Joe doesn't talk (he's speech delayed) so I feel like I must be missing out on incredible flashes of insight that are going through his head. Or perhaps I'm just missing out on some very surreal narration.

Jenny said...

Ha ha! Mikko is so cute. My pregnancy dreams were usually about giving birth to a kitten or something. Lately, though, I've been having recurring nightmares about freefalling in an elevator. I wonder what it means.

teresa said...

I really like your kid!
We'll have to try busytown now.
I love the opium addict comparison. Isn't it great? We've tried to write down lots of those, but it's never enough.
That's a great belly shot!

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

My stretch marks are so bad that when I was pregnant, my OB-Gyns (I had three) would usually exclaim "WOW! Look at your stretch marks!" which is exactly what I wanted to hear.

Arpita And Jonathan said...

LOL! (And yes, I did laugh out loud!!) Love this post! FYI - I'm pretty sure you know this already, but you've got the cutest little pumpkin on the planet!

Anonymous said...

Your belly is awesome!

Becky said...

I like your dream although it's an odd one. :) I remember some pregnant dreams about my future baby, one in which she had no face, and I also wasn't concerned. Mother's love is blind, I guess!

Adrienne said...

@marilyn, too funny. w
what kind, thoughtful OBs you have!

Lauren, love this post. It's nice to get a glimpse of your normalcy and regular family life. I enjoy the wealth of knowledge your blog presents to me, (almost daily I catch myself talking to my mom starting sentences with, "HoboMama says...") and it was nice to see this post as just a rambling of your life's fun times. :)

Amanda said...


Have you asked him where he came from? I'd love to hear that response :)

Kat said...

Too funny!!! I needed a good chuckle tonight :-) Love the Huckle pronunciation! My daughter also loves that show, it's pretty cute.

And what is it with the dreams!? I have them all pregnancy long and I often wake up and ask myself if I'm clinically insane!?

One Rich Mother said...

Loved your belly pic. : )

Your little one stories have cracked me up. Thank you for that. : ) I love when they say stuff like that. Aiden still doesnt talk very much so I forgot how cute they can be at that stage but now his little sister is doing that and it is cracking me up.

What a cute, cute age. : )

Torkona said...

Hi! it was awesome to find you! :-) my wife is expecting our first kid any time now so I look forward to finding perhaps a few tips from ya down the track hehehe

and if yur interested, I run an award for blogging parents of Your First Born Birth Story.. if yur interested.

look forward to following u! :)

- tork

Olivia said...

I'm curious what a second pregnancy will do to my stretch marks, too. Mine were so deep and long, that my midwife would ask me at every visit if they "bothered" me. I finally had to ask her if she meant physically or emotionally. She meant physically and no they didn't bother me either way. Watching them progress was fascinating.

Julie said...

I agree, beautiful belly! Makes me miss being pregnant already!

And our little on is enamored with Huckle right now, too! Only he calls him "Buckle." LOL.

Unknown said...

I peed myself laughing so hard from this post! You are way too funny! I love your belly by the way. It is gorgeous!!!! :)

Tmuffin said...

I love your belly and spiral belly button! (And you're brave to share your stretch marks with the world.)

Also, I love hearing Mikko's comments. My almost-2 year old had an opium addict comment before. From the back seat of the car, he said, "That man Jerry Garcia." (There was no man in sight).

Momma Jorje said...

LMBO! opium addict, nice comparison there. It could just as easily be someone tripping out on LSD. lol

As for stretch marks, I have them everywhere I think pregnancy can cause!

¤ Thighs - check
¤ Butt - check
¤ Breasts - check
¤ Belly - check (duh!)
¤ Pubic mound - check (seriously)

As for dreams, I think you might be onto something there. It really could be that we wake often, though the actual content being SO baby related is surely to do with all of our fears as new motherhood approaches (even if it isn't your first).

And I definitely think that the loss of sleep during late pregnancy is a way to prepare your body (including your brain!) for the sleep cycles you'll have to follow once baby arrives.

Momma Jorje said...

Oh yeah, and we watch Busytown Mysteries on Netflix sometimes, just started to last week.

The show drives me nuts, though. As for adult watchability in a kid show, I prefer Dragon Tales.

Anonymous said...

I remember whan I was pregnant I had the most weid dreams ever. When I got pregnant the second time and I even didn't know I was pregnant I knew that something is going on because I started to have very vivid and weird dreams again.
Hope you feeling ok!

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