Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recent posts not around these parts: FeedBurner tips, prizes, and seeking sponsors

I feel like an absentee blogger. My mother-in-law was in town for two weeks (yes, even during the May Carnival of Natural Parenting), and I felt like I kind of kept up for awhile and then just got further and further behind.

Then, this past weekend, Mikko decided (all right, perhaps it wasn't a conscious choice) to get sick. He went from being overly wound-up and pinging off walls from the overstimulation of a Grandma visit to being a complete lump, devoid of emotion or the ability to communicate in ways other than grunting. When he has a fever, he's glued to my lap, and all he wants to do is nurse and drowse. Which is fine, and he's feeling better now, but it wasn't conducive to typing.

This is gearing up for a big justification. Can you feel it?

I was planning on doing this great link round-up post … ummm … like, two days ago. For the sake of getting something, anything up, I will tell you what I personally have been putting up elsewhere, and I'll save my link love for everyone else for yet another day.

Paige from The Baby Dust Diaries was kind enough to write me a guest post (actually, a series!) on LaurenWayne.com taking us step-by-step through setting up a FeedBurner feed for your blog:

How To Use FeedBurner To Maximize Your Blog — Part 1: The Basics

Part 1 will make sure your users have an easy and seamless experience in subscribing to your blog on Blogger, TypePad, or WordPress.

Stay tuned for Part 2, which will teach some fancy advanced moves (including tips I didn't know!).

I was able to congratulate a couple winners at Hobo Mama Reviews, which is always a blast:

I'm only sorry not everyone can win!

You might have noticed there's some weirdness going on with the Simplisse experience. You can read my summary of the situation so far there. I'm still waiting to hear back from the company, and I expect to write a follow-up shortly.

In happier news, I have a new fun giveaway up!

SteamPotVille by Steve Ouch children's book

SteamPotVille, by Steve Ouch — an imaginatively surreal children's picture book {6.17}

If you want something different and unique in children's books, check out samples of the phenomenal photography collages in SteamPotVille. Then enter to win your own copy! All it takes is one little comment, and there are plenty of bonus entries available for the overachiever types (like me, like me!). Contest is open to U.S., Canada, and England. (Pretty good, no?)

Please enter and promote this book by a local (to me!) author and ultra-creative artist.

By the way, I'm looking for a few giveaway sponsors in two categories. See the full details on Hobo Mama Reviews, or email me if you're interested in participating or know of a company or product: mail {at} HoboMama.com Thanks!

  • A quick-turnaround giveaway for right now: I'd like to get one more giveaway up during the run of the current giveaway, so it needs to be tout de suite. It could be for a product I've already used and liked, or it could be for something that a person I trust vouches is fabulous (like a cloth diaper or maternity wear). Do you have such a product you would like to give away and receive bountiful (yes, I said it! Bountiful!) promotion of your company in return?
  • Travel-related giveaways for the fall: We are taking our first plane ride in over two years this summer. I'm nervous about how our (then) 3-year-old will do, so I'm looking forward to bringing along some travel products baby sleeping in mei tai carrier in the airportthat might help smooth our way. I would then like to do a giveaway event in anticipation of the holiday travel season of the products that made our trip easier. I'd prefer companies and products that are natural, handmade, or otherwise unique. In all cases, they must support our natural parenting. To see all my ideas, click on over to Hobo Mama Reviews and see if you have anything that matches or that you would add.

I also would love to line up a few guest posts on traveling with kids. If you have tips on packing light, tried-and-true ways to amuse children on long flights, distractions to keep siblings from tussling in the back seat on road trips, recommendations of travel products, how to get along with relatives who have different opinions on parenting, or philosophical musings on the easy parts and hard parts of travel when you're breastfeeding, cosleeping, and practicing EC or cloth diapering — send them my way! These don't need to be written till the fall, but you're welcome to sign up for a topic now or even send the article along for me to hold on to: mail {at} HoboMama.com Because, obviously, I could use the tips now. Thanks in advance!


Lisa C said...

Sorry your little one is sick! I know how that goes.

I'm taking my little one on an eight hour road trip this weekend! Ahhhh! Actually, I'm not too worried. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Darcel said...

It's so hard when the kids are sick.
Yay for a visit with Grandma though :)
We all know how it is to get busy.

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