Friday, November 6, 2009

Hobo Mama is looking for guest bloggers!

[ETA August 2010 into perpetuity: This post was written at a specific time, but it's still true, but for the time-sensitive details of NaNoWriMo and the extra giveaway entry. I am always appreciative of quality guest bloggers, so please contact me if you're interested!]

Hello, my writer friends!

Here's the deal: November I'm up to my ears in NaNoWriMo, and December I'll be up to my eyeballs in Christmas orders. (I really wanted to work a new term of "earballs" into that sentence but couldn't manage it.)

To keep fresh, quality content flowing, I am looking for any writerly souls who would like to add their spin on topics Hobo-related. Ok, more like Mama-related.

What's in it for everybody, you say? Glad you asked.

Guest bloggers receive:
     • Exposure for their writing on the wildly popular (Yes, "wildly popular" — don't make me come over there and argue this point.) I really do have a lot of lovely readers, so you would be blessed to have them visiting you, too.
     • The satisfaction of helping out someone else (awww...) and the implication that I would be willing to reciprocate in the future (when I'm not so busy!)
     • A flattering bio and link to your own site, if you have one. (You don't have to have your own blog to be a guest blogger, fyi. That's actually a very good reason to guest blog.) You can cross-post a link to your guest post on the same day to set up some beneficial bouncing between our two sites and to make sure your readers as well have new content to enjoy that day.
     • An extra entry into my Fleece Baby Carrier Giveaway Extravaganza! (Don't make me argue that it's an extravaganza, either. I would win.)

Readers receive:
     • The pleasure of hearing a new voice with a different perspective on a parenting topic
     • The opportunity to meet a new blogger and check out a new blog (if applicable)

And, last but not least (well, maybe):

I receive:
     • A valuable post from a talented writer on a topic of interest to my readers (e.g., natural parenting, breastfeeding, child-led weaning, birth, elimination communication, cosleeping, etc.)
     • A strengthened relationship with another lovely member of this here blogosphere
     • A day off

Sound good for all involved? I thought so.

If you're interested, please shoot me (Lauren) an email: mail AT hobomama DOT com.

Send me these things three:

     • A link to or copy of an article you've written that you feel captures the quality of your writing, so I have an idea of what I could expect. If I'm familiar with your blog (such as, I leave a bunch of comments there), feel free to skip this step.
     • A general idea of what you're going to write about, including topic and slant. For instance, something like: "I'm going to write about the process of choosing a home birth midwife and how getting a good fit is essential to a positive home birth." That way, if you write something instead like "I want to talk about how best to capture monkeys in the wild using only the power of hypnosis," I will know to (politely) turn down your request.
     • When you can have your post written. A deadline, yes, but a you-imposed one, so choose what works for you.

Who can apply:

Anyone! Well, all right, there are a few guidelines.

     • The post needs to be in English. I don't care what kind of English, as long as it's readable. I reserve the right to edit submissions. I used to be a freelance editor, so don't worry — I know what I'm doing.
     • You don't have to be a woman or a mother, as long as you realize that most of my readers are both and can write something relevant for that audience. You don't have to be a hobo, but it couldn't hurt to mention boxcars once in a while. [NB: Just kidding.]
     • You can have a blog or not have a blog. If you have a small blog, this is a great way to get some new readers. If you have a large blog, this is a great opportunity to show you're not too cool to hang out with the likes of me. (Good for you.) If you have a medium blog, well, then, that's just right, isn't it?
     • I reserve the right, but very sadly, to refuse submissions if they are from a site I can't endorse, on a topic that is not appropriate for my readers, or written in a substandard way. See the categories list in my sidebar for some ideas of suitable topics. I welcome you, however, to write about topics or perspectives I haven't covered but would be of interest to Hobo Mama's readers, since that would be an ideal broadening experience for a guest post.
     • I also reserve the right to refuse submissions whose perspective is so wholly other than my own as to be conufsing and offensive when it appears on my site. While I respect the right of other parents to have alternate viewpoints, I don't wish to publish articles that advocate, for instance, spanking as a discipline tool or how formula feeding is "just as good" as breastfeeding. But, if your perspective is somewhat different from mine (and I get to decide how much is acceptable), that can be a valuable learning experience both for me and for my readers, and I would welcome that.
     • I would appreciate it if the guest post is a new post that you're writing from scratch this month, not an article from your archives. If you want to link to relevant articles you've written before, though, link away!

I hope all that made sense and didn't intimidate anyone! I fully expect that most people who would want to guest post on my blog would be pretty kindred spirits and fab writers, so I'm not worried. If you have any questions at all, email me at the same address: mail AT hobomama DOT com

And, thank you in advance! My NaNo-ed fingers appreciate it.


Photo courtesy Umut Kemal on stock.xchng.
Bonus points if you can get your kid to write the post for you.


Lisa C said...

I think I may be up for this. I'll have to think about what I want to write on. I don't feel like I have any burning issues at the moment, but maybe I could write one up on tantrums? I'll let you know.

Lauren Wayne said...

I would love a post on tantrums if you're up for it (or whatever else). I like your perspective on crying in general and the support you give your son while he's feeling strong emotions, so I'd love to hear what you'd say.

And you were one of the people I was especially hoping would take me up on this, so yea!

Lauren Wayne said...

Just a general PSA: I'm terribly slow at responding to emails. Don't take that as a negative sign (except insofar as what it says about me).

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't find yourself with MORE work instead of less by asking for help! :-)

While I would love to review Baby Sign Language: For Hearing Babies for your blog... I don't feel I have enough experience writing for an audience. Good luck getting plenty of volunteer, though!

Cave Mother said...

How about I write something about my new experience of nursing a toddler? Maybe you could do a guest post on my blog next year, if you would like to.

Cave Mother said...

And just to hi-jack this thread - jorjedatoy, get stuck in! You don't need experience, just go for it! I'd love to read about baby signing.

Lauren Wayne said...

Cave Mother: I would love your article, and I would love to guest post in January or thereabouts!

jorjedatoy: I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to agree with Cavemother on this one... We want to hear your review of the baby sign language book!! I've been reading your livejournal page, and I think you have plenty of experience writing for an audience. I mean, I won't bully you into writing a guest post, but if all you need is some cajoling, consider this your enthusiastic invitation!

Oh, and you know, I was kind of worried that I might be making more work for myself, but so far it's been absolutely lovely. I've gotten such great volunteers already, and the topics are going to resonate with everyone, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I am so flattered! Thanks so much for the encouragement and the invitation, ladies! I'll get started writing my review... I only just recently read it and liked it enough that I bought used copies for my mother and myself!

As for a deadline... I should be able to finish it this coming weekend... right? I hope so. lol

Lauren Wayne said...

Sounds perfect! Let me know if you need an extension. Otherwise, I'll look for it this weekend.

mail @ hobomama . com

Kama said...

I could post about my experience with child behavior and artificial food ingredients. Would your readers enjoy something like that? Is so, I could have a post written for you by October 22.

I'm kinda new here, but am the co-founder of Tootlee where we help inspire parents to develop their children's fullest potential.

Let me know if that topic would be of interest.

Kama said...

Now I feel silly! I didn't realize this post was a year old. Anyway, if you're still wanting guest posts, I'm available :)

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