Friday, November 13, 2009

Navel gazing

I was working on another post, but it's taking longer than I thought. Mikko's sick with some sniffly monstrosity, so he's screaming, trying to nurse, failing to breathe while nursing, screaming again, needing to sleep but waking himself up with coughing, and just generally being a crankypants who wants to sit on my lap all day.

I've got him in the tub with Sam to steam out his sinus cavities a bit, and it was as I was undressing him (Mikko; Sam manages on his own mostly) that I noticed that Mikko's belly button is keeee-yoot.

It reminded me that that is where we were connected for all those long, floating months. That is where my body fed him and breathed for him.

I thought about my own belly button, and how I was once attached to my mom, and it just spread gooey warm feelings through me to think that my body still shows that it once had such a perfect attachment.

I like the idea that we can all look to our navels and see the connection to our mothers. Even if we're adopted, even if our mothers aren't here anymore, we still have that one mark to show that once we were as close as anyone can be, breathing together. And she poured out herself into you, and so you are here.

I know for some people that will be a sorrowful and disappointing thing to think about, because maybe some people don't want to be reminded of their mothers with what seems like a scar on their own bodies, and that's sad.

But the good news is that our babies also bear that mark of connection with us, and we have the chance to move into this relationship with the next generation, making their belly buttons always a happy thing. Always a good memory, of someone close, very close.

All right, that was me waxing sentimental for the night. Because today's been so frustrating and stagnant, and I needed this reminder that every moment of mothering counts for something, even the coddling-a-sniffly-toddler days. I'm reinforcing that invisible cord from him to me, to pour my love through it.


Anonymous said...

I love telling my son about the belly button connection, too.

Some writer (I forget which) said the breast<-->child's mouth is the second umbilical cord between mom and child. I've always liked that imagery, too.

Hope your son feels better soon. Seems the whole world is getting sick right now!!!

Lauren Wayne said...

Oh, I love that imagery! That's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! I'm all for mushy stuff and this sounds like a great thought to remind us on rough days!

Now I want a book about belly buttons! I know I've seen some cute ones for kids, but I've never read one. I want to know what is in them now.

Missy said...

what a sweet post! i had to share it on facebook..

i love your posts that are all researched and informative (and full of links), but i'm also loving these recent ones too! it's a nice variety

Rambling Rachel said...

what a neat post. I have never thought of my bellybutton this way.

Hope little M feels better soon. No fun for anyone.

Anonymous said...

We have the sniffly-baby thing going on here, too. Not fun, not fun at all. But now I can look at my wee one's bellybutton, and feel a bit better.

Thanks for a nice thought on a grey, not-so-great day.

Lauren Wayne said...

Aw, I'm glad you all liked it! Thanks for sharing it on Facebook, Missy. Are we FB friends yet? I'm still figuring it all out. Lauren Wayne there if anyone wants to friend me! :) Plus, I have a Hobo Mama page.

Mikko is all better, or as well as can be during sniffly season!

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