Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Nurse where you are

My Wife and Her Sisters -- Henry Caro Delvaille

My Wife and Her Sisters, 1904, by Henry Caro Delvaille, courtesy of Sierra Lactation


Geeks in Rome said...

nobody will be able to read this, but today in Rome, the city government organized a boob-in to help get people in the city aware that it is ok to breastfeed in public. They marched across the city and took a bus while nursing.

They made an interesting point in the article by saying it was really hypocritical that the culture here has no problem showing buxom women flashing their booty on t.v. but a nursing mom gets dirty looks if she wants to feed her child in public.

Personally I never experienced that here and I actually had a lot of women tell me how lucky I was I was breastfeeding and others would get nostaglic talking about when they nursed their babes.

Jessica said...

I LOVE this. Will be snatching this photo some day for a post. :)

Lauren Wayne said...

Geeks in Rome: I love it! It's funny (good funny) that you've had only positive experiences. I also have, and yet I just heard another story today about a mama being asked by the flight attendant to cover up on a plane. So I know the weirdos are out there; I'm just glad they haven't targeted me so far. Although I might be able to give them an earful! :)

Jessica: Snatch away! I assume it's public domain by now, but I tried emailing the site owners where I found it just to get permission, and my email bounced back. So I'm going to go download a bunch anyway, because there are some seriously snazzy breastfeeding pictures there!

Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

Just wanted to chime in and say I loved the painting, too!


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