Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reminder: Enter to win a fleece baby carrier by Nov. 20!

mei tai asian baby carriersI thought I'd add another plug for my very first giveaway of a fleece mei tai baby carrier, since Cindy's disappointed that I haven't gotten more entries. :) (Hey, Cindy, it's just more of a chance for you to win!)

Go to my link — "Giveaway of a mei tai carrier for babywearing!" — to view the complete contest rules and to enter.

It's easy: Just comment, Tweet, or link! Contest is open to anyone worldwide, and you can keep it for your own sweet baby (or future baby!) or give it as a baby gift!

And, remember, you can enter daily by Tweeting about the giveaway! You can use this text or craft your own: Wear your baby! Win a fleece mei tai baby carrier @Hobo_Mama #babywearing Enter by 11/20

I also will give an entry for each blog post that mentions my giveaway.

I appreciate the bloggers who have linked to my contest or Tweeted for me. Visit these lovely bloggers to see their giveaway posts:
     • Cindy of LIFE — Learning in a Family Environment fame — and again here with another great pitch!
     • Neptune Baby — a very funny post!
     • Abiding Quiver — thank you!
     • And a special shout-out to jorjedatoy at Welcome to My Roller Coaster for explaining StumbleUpon and listing me on LiveJournal!
     • The Raymonds gave me a mention here, and I love their tagline: "A Little Bit Crunchy, A Little Bit Outta Control"
     • velocibadgergirl at Pardon the Egg Salad has a great idea to get loved ones to enter on her behalf!
     • Amber Waves of Pain has titled her post "Great mei tai giveaway," which is probably just descriptive but sounds epic to my ears
     • James and the Giant Moose even references my post on giveaways and enters a bunch herself — go, go, go, win, win, win!
     • Welcome to My Roller Coaster made her own ring sling. Impressed? You should be.
     • All Things Granola blogged about my giveaway after I entered her giveaway of a sleepy wrap. Go enter & wear your baby some more!
     • Thank you to Etsy Giveaways and Handmade Giveaways for doing a special listing of my giveaway. Visit to find more great hand-crafted giveaway prizes!

If I've missed anybody who's blogged about the giveaway and wants a link, please let me know in the comments and I'll add you to my list here. [Updated: Nov. 17 & hope I caught them all so far!]

Now go and win! I wish I had a mei tai for everybody!


Wilderness Mama said...

LOL! I was just feeling really selfish! :)

Whozat said...

Oooo - pretty! I want it!

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