Friday, August 21, 2009

You had me at hobo

Hobo Camp railroad

My parents are visiting this next week, and I've been trying to plan little excursions that might amuse them. We have to stay pretty close to home, because of needing to be called in at any moment to sign for the closing on our condo. Though I'm not all that hopeful of that, after the closing has been extended twice and the mortgage company is at a stalemate with the HOA over budget issues — sigh. But enough of that. My parents are visiting! Yea!

So, yes, they and we have not yet visited Mount Rainier, out of a lack of imagination as to what exactly one does there, assuming one is not the active sort. We're not going to start all that foolhardy climbing and snowshoeing and what not, when Mount Rainier claims about 3 (active) lives a year, and that's not even counting any potential volcanic eruptions! So, barring hiking and camping, and wanting to stay close to a getaway vehicle (just joking, truly), what do you do? Do you just drive around the foothills? Picnic on a slope? It's been mystifying me. I love Mount Rainier. I love looking at it from a distance. If I get up close, I won't be able to see it anymore!

Then I had a brainstorm and found what I thought was the perfect solution: a train ride around Mt. Rainier! I even found a little scenic railroad that offers such a thing, for what I thought sounded like very reasonable prices.

Then I went searching online for reviews, because the railroad's website was very sparse as to what exactly one would see on this "scenic" trip. As far as I could tell, the track is along old logging lines and the site caters more to historic train buffs, as opposed to sightseers.

I happened upon a travel site with two reviews in total. Both blasted the excursion, lamenting that all you could see out the windows were underbrush, more underbrush, and hobo camps.

Don't imagine I wasn't tempted to go anyway after that...

Delightful model of what we might have seen
courtesy the Colonel at


Taryn said...

"Hobo"...isn't it just such a funny, great term? I actually happened upon your blog by googling "hobo" and wonderfully enough Hobo Mama (TWO terms that I love--hobo AND mama) came up. I just had to take a look...and I keep coming back for more!

My family and I live near Seattle. I too have enjoyed Mt. Rainer from afar but have yet to venture down to see it up close for a few of the same reasons you have pointed out. One of these days we'll make a day or two of it, and I'm sure we will enjoy it. Have fun on your Mt Rainer adventure with your family!

Anonymous said...

Now that Taryn mentions it... I can not remember how I stumbled into your blog. I love it though and am so glad to have you as a friend! :-)

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