Monday, August 24, 2009

Bigger is better

I don't know if it's my son's Americanism, male-ism, two-year-old-ism, or a combination of multiple -isms, but he's obsessed with anything big. I swear I have not indoctrinated him with the idea that he should prefer big to small.

"Big," he'll say, "big piece," as he rejects the bite-size chunk of cherry tomato we've put on his plate and pops a whole one in his mouth, only to spit it out within a few moments.

"Big," he'll say as he spots a pick-up truck. "Big truck." Then a delivery truck will rumble past. "Big!" he'll exclaim. Then a semi. "BIG!" By now he's squealing with glee.

So the other day, I guess it should have come as no surprise. He climbed up in my lap to nurse and said, "Nummies," or at least his dolphin sound (sort of a "hnee-hnee") that passes for that. Then he pointed to one. "Big," he said with satisfaction, then pointed to the other for good measure. "Big nummies."


Lisa C said...

That's funny. I've been wondering lately about the fascination young children have with things being big. I wondered if it was something we somehow condition into them or if it's just a part of their natural development. This helps answer that, I think. Too cute.

Lauren Wayne said...

Isn't it weird! There's so much that I'm not sure if I taught him inadvertently (or did he learn it from someone else?), or whether it's somehow innate.

Oh, horror — I realized I had never put you in my blogroll, unless you were there under another name. Oops! I feel really stupid. Problem solved now! I have all these tasks I've been meaning to get to that relate to my blog, and updating my blog list is one of them! That's my procrastination for you.

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