Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pictorial follow-up to Bebé Glotón breastfeeding doll

When looking for pictures for World Breastfeeding Week, I came across these beauties that effectively argue against the silliness that the Bebé Glotón breastfeeding doll is facing:

Nursing her dolly -- Spamily

Just wanted to show that with or without a fancy breastfeeding doll, kids will imitate their elders! ("Nursing her dolly" from Spamily on flickr)

And this next one puts to rest the notion that boys feel excluded from the play-nursing!

Breastfeeding his plush doll -- nikitac

("Breastfeeding his plush doll" from nikitac on flickr)

And this last one's just priceless:

Instant Classic -- G. J. Charlet III

("Instant Classic" from G. J. Charlet III on flickr)

So all those naysayers who said it's unnatural and degrading to encourage children to play at breastfeeding — there ain't nothin' you can do to stop it.


Arwyn said...

Fabulous photos. :)

I'm not sure if we have any of the Boychick nursing his dolls, but he does it on a regular basis. And why not? Children are supposed to play at adult-work. I blog on the computer: he "blogs" on the computer. I talk on my phone: he "talks" on his phone. I cook in my kitchen: he "cooks" in his kitchen. I breastfeed my baby (him): he "breastfeeds" his babies (dolls). This is exactly what children are supposed to be doing: mimicking the adults around them in order to learn what it means to be and how to be a mature human.

Thanks for sharing!

Judy - said...

Awesome photos! My son nursed his toys all the time - and made me nurse several of them and had them nurse each other! Here is a post that I did showing them:

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