Thursday, September 3, 2015

Happy #NotBacktoSchool!

We had our annual Back to (Un)school celebration
with our traditional bowling fun!
It was a little early for the start of public schools here,
but it fit into our Family Day,
and … honestly, we didn't stop during the summer
(how do you stop naturally learning!),
so it really is Not BACK to School for us.

First grade & second grade (for Mikko)

We now have
a third grader,
a kiddo entering his second year of preschool
(for what that's worth),
and a baby. He's cool, too.
Mikko required that he be in the picture,
or he wouldn't smile.
(That's Mikko smiling.)

This is our first "official" year of homeschooling 
according to our state's laws.
I'm kind of excited about that,
as well as a bit nervous.
I need to make sure we meet all the requirements.
Fortunately, there aren't too many here.

I forgot our good camera,
so I've made silly gifs
and fun collages to distract you.
Is it working?

Sam crushed us all at the game, as per usual.
I took a picture of the scoreboard for
the minute in time I was ahead. Woo!

Mikko asked, "Why are we celebrating back to school
when we don't do school?"

I said, "That's the point, see?
We're going bowling
instead of school."

Then he got it, and he grinned.

Sam did do a little teaching of bowling techniques,
so we could sorta call this P.E.,
but let's not lie to ourselves:
It was just a ton of fun.

Even in rented shoes.

That's Alrik's smile.

My sweet unschooler boys

Happy Back to School 
or Homeschool
or Unschool
or Whatever
to all of you!


Kendall said... sweet those pictures are! So much fun! Happy (not) back to unschooling!

Lauren Wayne said...

@LB Present: Thank you! We love this celebration!

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