Saturday, September 26, 2015

My first plus-size Stitch Fix

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

Eek! The Fix awaits! What will FIT?!
Welp, I did it!

I wrote before about how uncertain I was about Stitch Fix because of their limited sizing: 0-14. I am a 16/18, but Stitch Fix doesn't (yet) do plus sizes.

I had a coupon for a free styling fee, so I decided I would be out nothing if I gave it a go. I told my stylist 5 fall tops in XL, please, and then I crossed my fingers and waited.

I posted a little video review & unboxing here, but I will post a written and photographic review below for those of you who prefer not to hear me yammer. Or you can do a little of both.

At any rate, I NEED YOUR HELP! I have a scant three days to decide what to keep and what to send back, so let me know what you think!

Tiny intro for the uninitiated: Stitch Fix is a subscription clothing service that sends out five items hand-selected for you by a personal stylist who looks at your style profile, sizing info, Pinterest board, and any special requests. Shipping is free, and the styling fee is $20, which is applied to any items you choose to keep at full retail price. If someone signs up through your referral link (here's mine!), you get a $25 credit toward future purchases. (So if you're considering signing up, please do use my link if you can, so I can bring you future reviews!)

I was full of trepidation about this Fix. Would I receive five teensy tops that didn't fit over my giant noggin, much less my full bust and mummy tummy? Would this be a disaster that left me feeling down about my body and my style prospects?

The good news: It was fun! Everything (more or less) fit! I know! How exciting!

The tricky news: I can't decide whether to keep anything!


Ok, here are the five looks, and you let me know what you think. (You can click on any to embiggen, if such is your desire. Any blurred darkness at my feet is my cat wanting to be tripped over.)

Skies Are Blue: Sial Open Drape Cardigan in Brown, XL, $68

This was Sam's favorite look of the five. I like open cardigans for their versatility and snuggliness and that they look a little more chic than Mr. Rogers-y (though I'll rock that action as well). I like the touches of blue in the weave. That said, the color overall is a bit drab, and the thick knit maybe makes me look bulkier? I'm not sure this sweater is $68 of cardi love. What say you?

Sweet Grey: Loah Pintuck Detail Top in Dark Pink, XL, $78

I really wanted to like this one when I pulled it out, because I love me some pintucks. Plus, the color was the only cheery one in the box (and I like color). BUT, the pintucks pulled a little over my bust, the color was a little too coral-pink for my skintone (I think), AND: dude, $78. I have to love it for that much, and I could do better. Maybe in another color?

Market & Spruce: Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top in Green, XL, $48

This is my favorite of the five at the moment. I didn't think so when I tried it on, but I do now looking at the pictures and video. Which maybe means I'm wrong if I didn't like it as much in real life. But it looks pretty cool, yes? I prefer V-necks on me, and they can be surprisingly hard to find nowadays, so I appreciate that aspect. I didn't think I'd dig the dark green color as much as I did, but it's a nice and warm shade for fall and winter, and the knit fabric is soft and cozy. Plus, it's the cheapest price! Woohoo!

Market & Spruce: Corinna Striped Dolman Top in Blue, XL, $48

This is another one that's grown on me more since I've seen it onscreen. I thought it looked a little boyish initially, but now it's not reading that way. I'm never sure with high boat necks like this if it makes my bust look just too, too broad — thoughts? Plus, this is my mom's favorite type of top to wear, which — well, I guess we can match! It's also on the less expensive end (though more than I'd ever usually spend for a top).

Market & Spruce: Nina Asymmetrical Sweater Tunic in Dark Grey, XL, $68

This would look really cool … on somebody else. I'm going to have to give it a miss. It just makes me look wide and bulky, and the color's doing nothing for me. Again, at $68, I'd better love it, and I don't.

Let me know in the comments whether you think I'm right or wrong on any of the above! Should I keep any? Should I send 'em all packing?

Plus-size ladies, here is a little more news especially for you:
  • The XL tops I received fit me and my 36I boobs, broad shoulders, and postpartum belly just fine. Some were a little snug on my (very large) arms. I'd call the XLs, at least in the brands I tried on, more of a 14/16 (at least) than a 12/14. I'd guess someone who's a true 14 (whatever that is) would probably be best suited in a L or maybe even lower, depending on boobage. If you think you can swing an XL up above, it could be worth trying Stitch Fix for tops (and loose dresses) only.
  • My stylist, Alicia, tells me they do carry some size 16 bottoms and dresses. If you think you can rock a 16 down below, it's worth asking for what stock they have available. I'm not sure my hips and waist would play nice with a 16 in most brands, but I might try sometime.
  • If you're on the plus-size bubble, it's worth being honest with your stylist and telling her what you want: XLs, size 16s if possible, loose and flowy or whatever. You're the client. Being upfront about my sizing and fit needs worked for me. The style profile won't let you fill out that you're any bigger than a 14, so you'll have to exclude any categories that just won't work at all (e.g., bottoms & dresses for me) and then leave such comments in the fill-in box.
  • If you're above a 14/16, I feel your pain. I think it's a shame Stitch Fix doesn't yet carry larger sizes, and I really, really, really hope posts like this might give them the kick in the butt they need to start! Let's all raise our voices and let them know we'd be willing to use their service if they'd — you know — carry our dang size!

At any rate, this was fun to do! Let me know if you think it's fun, too, and if you'd like me to try this again in the future. You can get your own Stitch Fix here. Whee! Clothes!


Tree Peters said...

I loved seeing your video and hearing your voice..
I think you looked good in all the tops but I think they're way too expensive.
those are the kind of prices i'd pay for something I fall in love with and splurge to have because it makes me so happy. (or because it is so totally flattering).
With the discounts they're more like $40 a top, right? ... I can't tell the quality but I guess if it's really great quality it makes a difference.
Unless you love them and really want to spend that much per top, I'd send them all back.
Not a very fun idea, huh?
whether you try this again or order a bunch of stuff from Amazon, I'll watch a video of it!

Lauren Wayne said...

@Tree Peters: I'm glad you liked the video! It was fun to make. I even had the house mostly to myself, minus one sleeping-upstairs baby and two underfoot kitties.

I agree that the pricing is steep. I actually thought I might poke around online to see if I couldn't find a better price… Devious, right?

But I will say I think I really do like that green top and might splurge on just that one. The quality feels nice, but I know nothing about these brands and how they wear. Probably a step up from my Target & Old Navy finds, right? ;)

Kendall said...

I'm with you on the price factor for all of these tops, but not looking at price, I definitely think the cardigan and blue striped shirt look awesome on you! The green might be a nice top, if you really like it, but I think I'm thrown off my the color of it (and I like green).

Otherwise, you look great and not a bit of a 14/16 from my perspective! :)

Emily said...

Keep the cardi, definitely. It's cute and versatile. I like the green dolman, but the pintuck and the stripes give you serious monoboob, and the grey tunic...looks like you bought an oversized men's t-shirt. You can do better then those three tops.

Fun, though. Unboxing stitchfix is always fun :-D

Anonymous said...

Although I am struggling big time to dress my newly plus-size mommy body, I do like to consider myself a fashion person... and my opinion is, those pieces better be DAMN good quality at those prices. Because I feel like I could find equal colors and equal (or better) fit at Ross Dress for Less or even somewhere like Rue 21 (ooh or the Target clearance rack!) for much less money. Maybe there is a quality you can feel that isn't showing in photos but I don't think I would pay full price for any of those.

That said, I like #4 and I LOVE #3 on you! I would take that inspiration and find a similar style elsewhere. Those dark jewel tones are definitely flattering on you. (And by the way, I've followed you for awhile and while you always looked good, your body has never looked better! And after a recent baby! I'm admittedly jealous.)

That is really disappointing that they don't do plus sizes because in my experience it is WAY harder to dress yourself when you're bigger. When I was a size 6 I could pull on basically anything (in basically any size!) and it looked great. I do hope they see your post and catch a clue. (Better yet, I will email them now and try to get my own review. #jokingbutnotjoking ;)

Thanks for the great post. It takes some courage to put it all out there but you really did them a service, showing exactly what the process is like firsthand.

Laura said...

What a great post and video! As a size 16/40F Stitch Fix devotee (I'm on my 17th!), I love to see what other people of a similar shape and size receive. You look great in the Aleah dolman; I own it in blue, and it continues to be one of my favorite SF tops. I agree that pricing can be wonky, and the fit is sometimes WAY off, but I've found enough gems to continue with the service. I hope it works out for you, and that they finally listen to us and start carrying our sizes!

Lauren Wayne said...

@LB Present: Thank you! I agree on the pricing front — it's a challenge. I have to think of it as a surcharge for the convenience if I buy something.

Lauren Wayne said...

@Emily: Monoboob, lol! Yes, totally. And agreed on the gray tunic — just does nothing for me. Thanks for the input!

Lauren Wayne said...

@Janine Fowler: Thank you! I really do hope they'll change their tune and offer this service to a wider range. I totally agree that plus-size women NEED this service more — it can be so demoralizing and difficult to go shopping when you're bigger than average, so to have hand-picked clothes come to your home would be ideal.

Lauren Wayne said...

@Laura: Amen! Oo, I'd love to see that dolman in blue, too. :)

Unknown said...

The green dolman looks great on you! I'm jealous! I had it pinned on my pinterest board and I just got it in my October box. It did nothing for me except make me look...pudgy? I guess? I think it is because It gave the appearance that I am one width from top to bottom and that is just icky! It does the opposite for you. It actually gives you an hour glass look. cute, cute, cute!! The cardigan looks really good on you too!

As far as the prices go: I agree that the prices are a little higher than in the store (on SOME things - not always true on denim which I find crazy) but I have remind myself that the price is NOT just for the clothing. It is also for the styling service and the convenience of having the box show up at your door where you can try it on with everything in your closet AND the fact that shipping is free both ways. When you combine all of that along with the actual clothing, I think the pricing is actually fair on most of the items. Not all! But most! ;)

Are you going to order more boxes?

Inder-ific said...

The dolman sleeved top looks fantastic on you!! I agree the rest may be okay, but not worth a splurge. I am resisting Stitch Fix so far but some of my friends are totally into it!

Tiffany said...

I thought the coral top looked great but I would pass due to the cost

Tiffany said...

Oh I also wanted to say that I put in my notes to stitch fix that I'm a size 16 bottom and they do send size 16 pants!

Anonymous said...

I like #3 and #4. You could add a blanket scarf and cardi or cute jacket to either one too.

Julie Cunningham said...

Thanks for sharing your experience and pics! Love the green vneck on you.

I just received my first SF and bought all 5 items! You could knock me over with a feather.... not really, I'm totally a 14/16 on bottom and 12 on top. :) I wasn't sure what to expect, but the stylist did an awesome job and everything fit well. Sleeves were long enough, pants were long enough- I'm sold. The skinny jeans in a 14 are almost too big, so I think there is some vanity sizing that may make things doable for plus size gals.

Goodluck on your January fix!

Anonymous said...

I'm a tall (5' 11") plus size bubble girl, especially on the bottom end (think pear) and just got my first fix. While I agree the regular tops were a little pricey, I didn't think they were outrageous given the quality of pieces. I teach, so I asked for business wear, and I feel like I got items a professional step (or maybe several) above the Target rack for a quite reasonable price. My stylist hit a homerun with a roomy-on-the-bottom scallop hemmed dress. I was disappointed that the jeans she sent were probably about two sizes too small and would have been too short even if they had fit, but I just may not be able to get jeans and pants via Stitch Fix. When I did my checkout process and reviewed my box, I left the stylist a note to that effect, so we'll see if she continues to try to hunt down pants for me or if we give up and stick to skirts and dresses.

Unknown said...

Gwynnie Bee does a plus-size version of the Stitch Fix for ladies who are over the plus-size bubble. I believe they run up to size 24. The pricing was a little high, IMO, but apparently we plus-size ladies need to be charged more because more fabric has to be used. (whatever)

Unknown said...

Stitch Fix is launching plus sizes in early 2017!

Lauren Wayne said...

@Leona Coburn: Yea! Thanks for the news! I'll definitely be checking back with them.

Jane Flowers said...

Size xxl and 16!

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