Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Family at the zoo

Off to the zoo!

Watch our video footage
of giraffe butts, zebra butts,
hippo butts, tiger butts,
penguin butts …
a lot of butts, is what I'm saying.

That doesn't make it any less fascinating.
It's not every day you get to see WILD butts.

Here are some of my phone pictures of the day as well.
Our good camera is barely hanging on to life,
so there are a few of those before it gasped and gave up for the day.
We bought it when Mikko was a baby, so …
I guess it's time to get another
(camera, not Mikko).
But for now, phone pictures of animal butts will do.

Get it?

Brothers in the wild

All of us! This so rarely happens outside of a selfie.


Why, hellooo.

This pretty much is a picture of Karsten.

Hey, giraffe. How's it going.

A lot of work goes into being a lion.

Helping us navigate.
Upside down.

Komodo dragons are big.

Now you know.

That is too a picture of a tiger.

They're coming right at us!

Perfect tunnel hair

On the crawl

It's really quite cozy in here.

Clearly posing for pictures

New turtle species!

Enjoying his first zoo outing!


They make it look so cazh.

Teaching him the ropes


I remember a previous visit:

Someone else took our photo.
Twice in one day!

Thank you, zoo!
Let's get these animals home.


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