Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Surf: Sandy days & feeding choices

Welcome to the Sunday Surf, a tour of the best blogposts I've read throughout the week.

two boys digging in sand at indoor beach at Sandbox Sports Seattle
A day at the beach in 40˚ F weather … but indoors, at Sandbox Sports!

boy making sand angel at Sandbox Sports Seattle
Great chance for digging & sand angels!

Some reading for you!

  • They Are All of Me: Breastfeeding Advocacy and Women Supporting Women 

    Breastfeeding advocacy doesn’t need to start and end with the timespan of actively breastfeeding one’s children. This is a rousing article from Destany calling everyone to support breastfeeding.
    When I was a breastfeeding, I didn’t know many women who nursed. […]

    I had decided, therefore, that my days as a breastfeeding advocate would not be limited to the days that breastfed my children. I know that when we wean, it sometimes feels that it’s not our battle anymore. I have indeed found myself in situations, vehemently arguing (over the internet) about the rights of breastfeeding mothers, and when I mention that I am not currently lactating, my argument seems to lose validity and I am left in the lurch as the person I am arguing with smugly stalks away. 

    I continue to argue and to stand up for nursing rights, however. Why? Because one day, I may have a daughter who breastfeeds. Or my nieces. Perhaps one day I will nurse again. Perhaps not. But my friends do. And my sisters and cousins. And so do many, many women who I do not know, but should not have to stand up alone. As women, we must support each other, even when standing up for things which don’t affect us directly in the here and now.

    I want to make it clear to women (and men) that we do not have to be a nursing mother to stand up for the rights of others to breastfeed. Even if you have never breastfed. Even if you do not have children yourself. Even if you’re not a woman, but a man who supports not only a woman’s right to breastfeed, but infants right to nurse and to eat when they are hungry.
    If you’re a non-lactating breastfeeding supporter, grab one of Destany’s buttons! (code on the post)
    Non-Lactating Breastfeeding Advocate Women Supporting Women
  • I’m Coming Out | Baby Dust Diaries 

    Paige writes movingly and honestly about her journey away from a Christian faith. Since I’ve shared a similar path, I found this incredibly meaningful.
  • 10 Conversations On Racism I’m Sick Of Having With White People | People Of Color Organize! 

    Not a new post, but I appreciate how this brings together a lot of the specious arguments seen over and over whenever the topic of racism comes up.
    I don’t usually share things with a lot of rough language, so be forewarned if you’re sensitive to that.
  • Getting Your Kids On Board for Eating Paleo–Toddlers & Preschoolers | The Paleo Mom 

    I really like these suggestions for getting kids to eat a different way (specifically paleo, but they can be adapted to other eating styles as well).
    I’ve been looking for some good resources on transitioning kids to a different way of eating, as it’s always been a struggle with Mikko (5.5) to encourage him to eat the foods I wished he ate (there’s a much longer story behind that, but I’ll keep it there for now), and now Alrik (1.5) is getting his own pickiness. Due to some reading I’ve been doing lately, I’ve been convicted that grains aren’t doing us any favors and Sam and I have cut them out, but we’ve had differing opinions on whether the boys should also lose them (I’m in favor; Sam’s on the fence) and just how to do it if so. I like the general idea of a gradual, kid-friendly approach, taking it slowly and in phases. (We’re not eating strict paleo, and I think the idea of gradual transitioning could work for any diet, except when immediate health concerns force a sudden change.)
    Her own story was also interesting.
    Yea! It feels more doable. Wish us luck…

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Catch My Words said...

Great beach pictures and nice of you to link up what you've surfed up this week.

melissa v. said...

Lots of hefty content this week! =) Good reads, thanks! And thanks for the shoutout =) xo.

melissa v. said...

Wow, my post got 700 hits (normally I get around 50)!! Even though people are not commenting, they are reading. =)

Lauren Wayne said...

@melissa v.: Yea! :) I'm always amazed & happy when sharing people's posts makes a difference.

I've seen comments drop off a lot lately — I suspect it's people reading a lot on their phones now. Or, in your case, maybe it's just that people are so blown away by your wisdom they have nothing to add. :)

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