Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Surf: Sick days and a giant octopus

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sad sick boys next to sixgill shark sign at the seattle aquarium
Here are the two saddest boys to stand next to a shark sign.

big octopus at the seattle aquarium
Mikko had been sick for several days. It's actually been about two weeks (and a half? I've lost count at this point) of a sickness round-robin in our house, one person falling after the other. So we've all been feeling cabin fever (in addition to the regular kind), and Mikko was determined that we would go to the aquarium that day, despite my suggestion that it didn't seem like the best idea — he was still recovering, and danged if his little brother didn't seem to be coming down (again) with something new.

cuddly boy at the seattle aquarium
But off we went. I figured I'd wear Alrik when we were around people or walking, and that Mikko would manage a short outing. Well … he lasted ten minutes. The second I sat down on this bench, Mikko curled his big five-year-old body right up onto my lap and chilled out there for awhile while Alrik explored within eyesight.

sad sick boys cuddling with mama at a restaurant
So we abandoned the aquarium and tried to go get some food instead. Neither of them ate (well, Alrik took some liquid nourishment, as you see!), and both of them snuggled with me the whole time. Made it hard to wield a fork, and I do feel sorry for exhausted little boys, but I have to admit I loved the surfeit of snuggles.

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Brittany Thomas said...

Funny, we generally do Red Robin after the aquarium too. Although our passes expired so now we don't go.

Lauren Wayne said...

@Brittany @ The Pistachio Project: It's so conveniently located. :) We thought our membership had expired, but then we found our card that day and it hadn't. That's why Sam and I were talking about it and why Mikko got fixated on going!

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