Thursday, January 24, 2013

Off my needles: Ribbon lace scarf

pattern in the sunlight - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

I finished a lovely and easy lace pattern scarf, and I wanted to show it off to you.

color variation - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

I knitted it from "Simple Lace Scarf Pattern" at Golden Bird Knits.

pattern of lace - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

I pinned the pattern here if you want to repin it. I love that it's the same row after row so I can set it down and come back to it and not have to try to remember where I was.
Knit? Purl? Which row was I on, again? (Anyone else?)

stitches on needle with skein - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

The only changes I made were to cast on 24 stitches instead of 16, to make it a little wider. I like wide scarves and would actually love it even a little wider. The other was to use size 13 needles, because that's what I had, and I wanted to get started!

skein of brown ribbon yarn - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

I used a very pretty and shimmery ribbon yarn — Bonsai Colors by Berroco in Conch — with variegated colors of brown, cream, and pink that I bought at Bad Woman Yarn, which is pretty much the best name for a yarn shop ever.

stitching - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

I did feel shameless for all the lovely skeins that somehow slipped into my basket while I was browsing, but I figured the free knitting lessons and patterns I got at checkout made it all worth it. Those ladies are amazing!

silly boy sticking out his tongue at the camera - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

When photographing a scarf, be sure to scan over to take pictures of the five-year-old calling, "Take a picture of me, too!" (Sam was my patient photographer here.)

working on scarf - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

The yarn is mostly bamboo with a little nylon. Usually I prefer natural materials, but this was just so pretty it caught my eye. I also picked up the remaining skein of a muted blue-purple-green-white mixture, even though I have no idea yet what to use it for. Apparently the line is discontinued, so I'm out of luck for getting more skeins.

pulling yarn around back of needle - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

It was very easy to knit with. My only problem lay in getting the twists the skeins come in into balls and then the yarn untwisted when I neared the end. I'm sure there's some trick to all that.

on needles - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

I used two skeins and then called it done. I like that it's a nice, long length for looping and tying. It was so easy to make that I'm totally going to make two more: one in a buttery soft blue and green silk-merino wool blend by Malabrigo (437 Pradera) for my mother and one in some appropriately lovely yellow hues for my mother-in-law once I find some. (It's astonishingly hard to find interesting wool yarn in yellow! But that's her favorite color, so I'm committed to searching.) I will be sure to block the wool afterward, as the pattern suggests. The ribbon yarn didn't seem to need that. And I'm starting the projects now, so they'll be done with no rush for Christmas!

stitch - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

But … I'm sure you're wondering what it looks like ON. Well. The only slight problem is that the colors don't look so good on me, to the point that I'm casting about for an appropriately toned friend to gift it to. (If you want to make the case that it's you, feel free!) So I needed a different model.

Well, my friends, you are in for a treat. Because I don't just have a model — I have a SUPERMODEL.


Feast your eyes:

looking down at scarf modeling - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

Twenty months, and he's a natural in front of the camera.

baby showing off stitches squatting modeling - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

Even when stuffing his mouth full of hotdog bun, he shows off the weave.

baby modeling scarf in perfect squatting form - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

And just look at that perfect squatting position! Children are fabulous at squatting. How do we forget how to do it right as we grow older?

baby leaping for joy modeling - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

Whee! Scarves make us happy!

baby smiling modeling - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

I'm sure 50% of great modeling is a great photographer, so a big thanks to Sam, who listened to my directive to "Snap some pictures of Alrik in this scarf while I go grocery shopping, kthxbai!"

baby grinning modeling - knitting ribbon yarn lace scarf

Yup. This baby knows how to work it.

What projects are you working on or proud to have finished?


Shannon said...

Obviously you are supposed to use the green color way to make a skinny scarf for me. DUH!

Stacy said...

The scarf looks beautiful, Lauren. I love the colors of that Berroco yarn and might just need to get a skein or two of that myself. Your boys are adorable! Lucky you to have such gorgeous supermodels :o)

Thank you for providing the link to this post, I really appreciate it. Sorry it took so long to get back to you-- I've been down with a cold and got behind on my emails.

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