Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Family camp

Mikko had been egging us on for months to do a "Family Camp" (named in contrast to the "Boy Camp" he had with his dad when Alrik and I were away in Portland). Rather than rough it by sleeping in the back of our car like piled logs, we got an actual tent and drove to a nearby campsite, just in time to enjoy the summer before its end.

dad and boy in tent while camping
Here’s Alrik, at nearly the exact age we did tipi camping with Mikko:

dad and boy in teepee while camping

setting up tent in family camping
It took a while to get the tent up because the ground was really rocky. We made it through the night without a collapse, though. The tent seems a little absurdly large now, but the boys are just going to keep growing, aren’t they? I have to say, it felt luxurious to have so — much — space (and headroom!) in a tent. I love fun, temporary housing like that.

boy smiling with missing tooth at family camping
Can you tell someone lost a tooth? The Tooth Fairy had to find us at Family Camp!

brothers playing on beach at family camping
The campground we chose (because it’s the closest, and in case we needed to get packed up in the middle of the night with kids who weren't digging it) features a beach. Yes, we also have a beach right down the street from us. The kids love it, though.

baby playing in sand on beach at family camping

boy playing with sand on beach at family camping

boy blowing bubbles on beach at family camping

seagull on beach in family camping

boy smiling on beach in family camping

baby smiling on beach in family camping

driftwood on beach in family camping

baby pouring sand on log on beach with mama in family camping

baby feet balancing on log on beach with mama in family camping

sunset over logs on beach in family camping
Almost time to get back to the campsite!

boys smiling in golden sunset light on beach in family camping

sunset over beach in family camping

dinosaur toy buried in sand on beach in family camping

roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on grill in the dark in family camping
We timed dinner a bit late and cooked and ate by lantern-light: hot dogs and marshmallows over a charcoal fire. (Nothing like health food when you're being one with nature!)

boy smiling in lantern light during dinner in family camping
Mikko thought this part was so cool. I have to admit, it felt magical to eat outdoors in such interesting light.

boy lying down in sleeping bag in tent in family camping
I had a rough night of tossing and turning with a cosleeping, breastfeeding toddler who would not stay covered in the sleeping bag — I thought he'd freeze. Plus, this eerie light kept filtering in and bothering me. Turns out it was something known as "the moon." Who knew! But this dude was one contented tent sleeper in his hand-picked Cars sleeping bag. And, yes, the Tooth Fairy found us!

boys smiling in tent opening in family camping
Life is good with our two little camper dudes!

baby in panda hat in tent in family camping

baby crawling on top of collapsed tent in family camping
Everyone helped take down the tent.

family walking away from tent in family camping
I bet next year we’ll be up for more and longer adventures!

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Laura said...

where did you end up going? I took the girls to Wenatchee in late June/early July by myself in search of some sun and it ended up being horrible. They didn't go to bed till 11pm and they woke up at 5am because the sun was up. We were all very tired and grumpy the next day. Blackout curtains have ruined us. :P

Lauren Wayne said...

@Laura: We were at Saltwater State Park, so that it would be a short drive. We were wondering about the kids' sleep, but they seemed fine. I, on the other hand, am totally with you on not having blackout curtains! Do they make blackout tents?

Karen du Toit said...

The little ones love camping. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures! It looks as if they had a great time!

Run DMT said...

What great photos of your adventure! My kids love camping too. Our camping season is just beginning.

Gauri said...

I love Mikko in the tent!! This whole trip looks so much fun. I can't wait to go on our first family camping trip!! :)


Unknown said...

This looks like so much fun! I can't believe Mikko is old enough to be losing teeth already—time sure is flying.

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