Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Surf: Autumnal family time

Welcome to the Sunday Surf! Here are some of the best links I've read this past week.

baby in sweater hoodieBoy howdy, it's turned fall here in Seattle.

I've dusted off our sweaters (yes, I keep them on an open shelf, and last year I was pregnant, so "dusted off" is horrifyingly apt), brought out the socks (Mikko persists in sockless Crocs-dom), switched over from sandals, and discovered my coat crumpled in the trunk where last I left it (with the gloves still intact in the pockets — huzzah).

The maples on our drive look like they're on fire. Our tomatoes have finally joined them in also turning red.

After a pleasant service and chatting with acquaintances at the new church we're trying out, we joined Jennifer and her family on their annual excursion to a pumpkin farm. We had gone to a pathetic one last year, and this one rocked — see, it helps to get to know your online friends. We chose pumpkins (four of them, for four of us — aw!), went on a hay ride and tractor train (three times! my bones!), played in a corn crib, fished for trout (which we oh-so-thankfully did not catch; I think I would have freaked out), watched a pumpkin cannon, raced rubber duckies, got mildly lost (but not really) in a corn maze, and ate piping hot corn on the cob.

I'd post a couple pictures of our time there, but our camera's downstairs and I'm snugly scrunched between two sleeping boys while my tootsies continue to warm up. Autumn can be deceptively chilly. And being outdoors has made all of us deliciously sleepy.

After the farm, we ate at our favorite Mexican place from when we'd first moved to Seattle a decade ago. Yummers.

It was a very good day. I love family days like this, just as I love the fall. Bring it on, October.

Link linky links:

via on 10/15/11
Sam chose dreadlocks for a few years for this same purpose: To get people to talk to HIM, to second guess their assumptions that he would agree with whatever they said, to realize that he had, in some ways, signed out of "the Game." I often wish I could find an outside look that more accurately reflects my inner quarrel with societal standards and unquestioned authority. And then, somedays, I'm thankful I can retreat into looking nice and unthreatening. What would it be like to tattoo your face with your commitment to being different?
I am having a recurrent thought: “Just tattoo your face and get it over with.”

via on 10/14/11
For World Mental Health Day. We need to talk about mental illness, and take away the stigma. I really dig this post for doing both. (via White Noise:
I'm about as safe and normal as it comes. It's just that my shitty 2% might look a lot worse than yours. Perhaps your 2% probably looks like a box of kleenex or a tub of ice cream. Mine just happens to look like a combination of Lady Gaga, Heroin, and an Atom Bomb. (** no I have not ever done heroin). And because of this fact I have spent WAY TOO EFFING LONG thinking I am disqualified for all awesome things in life. But lo and behold, I do get to be a Mom, a Wife, and all sorts of other wonderful things, and I get to have a great time doing it. I am not disqualified just because my 2% isn't as socially appropriate as the next person's.

via on 10/13/11
Per our last Carnival of Natural Parenting on Money Matters. I know not every budget & working schedule can fit in cloth diapering, but I thought these tips for super, super, super cheap cloth diapers were awesome for families who want to but are struggling to afford it. (via

via on 10/13/11
A call to mothers especially to let loose and dive into the deep end. How often do you play unabashedly?
Sometimes I see the fathers playing, diving, jumping about in the deep end, but the mothers that I see (when they do swim) are swimming lengths with me during the lane swims. Back and forth, back and forth… checking our lap times, trying to maintain our rhythm… all very earnest.

Meeting my NPN friends
Happy-making posts about our Natural Parents Network Team meet-ups in the Midwest and Northwest U.S. Find a whole list at the bottom of mine.

Really enjoyable carnival on money money money by the pound. (Does the fact I quote Pete's Dragon
date me? If so, I'll be your candle on the water.)

There were budgeting and frugal living tips flying about, almost like an invisible dragon. I predict many of us will be watching our pennies more closely this month. Other posts dealt with giving kids an allowance, parental leave, working from home, how finances and crunchy living intersect, and other diverse topics. Because there's room for everyone in this world, if everyone makes some room.

Ok, I'll stop now since I'm positive I'm amusing only myself.

I don't know why the kids aren't still watching it these days.
Who wouldn't be impressed with CGI like this?

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    Caryn Ouwehand said...


    Thanks so much for the link!

    I won't lie... I just spent a solide 90 minutes... okay perhaps more, reading back on your blog. Wow, your site is live and kickin', I LOVE IT.

    I am now hooked.

    And those are some cute monkeys you have there.


    Amanda said...

    Pete's Dragon rocks.

    Momma Jorje said...

    Not only does Pete's Dragon rock, we had it for the maximum two weeks from the library and when I returned it today, I checked it out AGAIN! Sasha loves it! Do you know the sign for dragon?

    Elisabeth@Manic Mrs. Stone said...

    Thanks for the links! I've started doing a regular Friday feature called "10 Inspiring Thoughts" but it's mostly visual inspiration (they are links but mostly to crafts and such). I think I may give a go to Sunday Surf again :/

    It's always helpful to me to read from your blog and other Sunday-Surfing mamas!

    I'm going to have to check out this Pete's Dragon thing...maybe E will like it :)

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