Monday, August 9, 2010

Hobo Mama calling cards: Surprise giveaway!

You have to read to the end to get to the surprise. Trust me: You'll be so excited, and you won't even know why!

You know how I said awhile ago that it would be a great idea to get calling cards for your blog? Because that way, when you meet someone who seems like a marvelous potential reader, instead of trying to spell out your domain name or find an old receipt to jot it down on with that pen in your purse that never works, you could whip out a nicely crafted card.

Well, I convinced myself, and I bought these beauties:

Thanks to everyone who helped me decide what to order from Amy Adele. In the end, I went with not one but, as you can see, three! The more the merrier, right? I keep a selection in my wallet so I have them available to hand out when the situation arises.

The cards I chose are all located in's Distinct Designs section within the Calling Cards.

Here's the non-surprise giveaway:

You can get your own calling cards by clicking over to my Amy Adele giveaway. Ready for this? It's for $50! Yes, $50 of whatever you want at Amy Adele!

So it could be calling cards like mine, notecards or flat cards like we got for Mikko's thank-you cards, address labels or waterproof labels, or even personalized onesies and t-shirts (maybe a matching new baby onesie and big sibling shirt?). So hop on over and enter now by simply leaving a comment with what (one thing or more) you would like to order if you win!

Originally I set an entry deadline of August 12, but I was so remiss in getting this post up that I'm extending the deadline to next week, August 19, so you have time to enter. And, you get an extra entry just by saying you've read this post. Just comment with something like, "Read calling cards post."

And here's where it gets even more interesting:

BUT, the real reason I'm writing this post is to let you know of a super-secret additional giveaway, right here on Hobo Mama. I'm taking this idea from Rachel of Common Places, who suggested it in the comments on my original calling card post:
"I need calling cards for your blog. It would be so much prettier than scribbling down your URL on a piece of scrap paper when I find myself in conversations saying, 'you should check out my friend Lauren's blog. She has some really helpful things to say about [natural birth, bilingual parenting, whatever other topic is under conversation at the moment].'"

The boys decided to help me display the cards.
Because, oh, my gosh, would people actually help me by handing out my calling cards if I could get them into your delightful little hands?

To that end, I am declaring a special giveaway here. Enter a comment, about whatever you want, and you will receive, free of charge (of course), a selection of Hobo Mama calling cards sent to your door. (Rescue Hero and robot not included, because Mikko would cry.)

Here's the surprise part. Once I determine that the giveaway is over (through a scientific process of hemming and hawing and going with my gut), I will not only collect everybody's charming mailing addresses (for the purpose of sending the cards, not for a surprise visit — don't worry, my showing up unannounced is not the prize!) — but! — and here's where it gets exciting!

I will also randomly select at least three of you to receive a super-special surprise gift!

If anyone leaves a particularly delightful comment on this post (say, a funny story or a household tip or egregious flattery, which as you can see, will get you anywhere), I might even award some non-random prizes in addition.

So, what I'm saying is, it's completely open-ended and mysterious. Which just makes it all the more fun.

I promise the prizes will be spectaculous (a word I just made up) and not just stuff I had lying around. You knew I was tempted, right? But, no, I will spend actual money on you, my fabulous readers who are going to hand out my calling cards.

These calling cards are Mikko-approved!
All right, got it? Let's go over the progression:
  1. Leave a comment on this post. It can be of whatever substance you want, or of no substance at all. Maybe you could just say which calling card is your favorite, or what you hope the prizes will be, if you want a prompt. Make sure you leave an email address or have it somewhere on your profile or blog so I can contact you.
  2. After some length of comment soliciting, I will gather everyone's mailing addresses who commented to send off a small stash of Hobo Mama cards that you can hand out to people you know, leave on community bulletin boards, slyly tuck into parenting books at the bookstore, or stock your dentist's office with. (Hey, once you get them, they're your calling cards. You're free to use them as you see fit.)
  3. Once I have everyone's addresses, I will also draw at least three winners of some Super Secret Surprise. Oh, the suspense! And there might be even further winners, if you all so inspire me.

There you have it. Oh, also? I will mail anywhere in the world, though I draw the line at outer space.

In addition to this goofy giveaway, remember to enter the one worth 50 smackaroos, which closes August 19. That one's open to U.S. residents only.

And if you want to buy your own calling cards, whether for work or play, there's free shipping at Amy Adele right now till August 11 for orders of $15 or more with code AUGSHIP. Amy Adele is also running a promotion of 15% off the 50 top sellers, which includes several labels, notecards and flat cards, the tulips calling card, and a selection of children's personalized t-shirts and onesies.

Disclosure: Amy Adele links are affiliate links.
I bought the calling cards with my own hard-earned dough.
Prizes for the surprise giveaway will be purchased by me, as well,
unless I can collect some sort of hobo patron before then.
See my full disclosure policy here.


violetsouffle (pshouseblog) said...

Awesome! That is such a fantastic idea. I need these for my blog, for your blog, and about four others that I talk about regularly and am always emailing links to people for (which of course they ignore/ delete/ forget about).
By the way, I really like the Ace Of Cakes show too. And "Chopped" on food network. I noticed you tweeted about Ace of Cakes earlier though and just made me think: is there anyone (besides my partner, le sigh) who dislikes that show? I mean, it's got, sweets, lights,'s golden :)

Jen said...

Well, I just think your new cards are the cutest I have seen in ages...simple and sweet and I think you are incredibly generous to have such a giveaway!


Jaime said...

I love your blog. Calling cards are a great idea. I know a few people I'd like to pass on your site too that I don't talk to online. (LLL acquaintance)

Everything on your blog makes so much sense to me and when I'm getting pulled in the other directions by people it's good to hear about other people who are thinking along the same lines as me. I also appreciate that you don't bash people for doing things differently than you.

I really enjoy the carnivals you participate in and wish I had more time to read all the others' blogs!

Jenn said...

Can one of the secret giveaways be Mikko please? pleeeeeease? I promise I'd take really good care of him.

Sherri said...

I would gladly hand out your cards. : )

Pocket.Buddha said...

The super mysterious open ended prize reminds me of a Christmas from my child hood.

An uncle showed up to our house on Christmas eve for dinner with 3 giant and mysterious packages, each with fancy festive paper, pretty curly bows and perfectly printed tags proclaiming in precise neat handwriting one for me, one for my brother, and one for my little sister. We were awe-struck by their awesomeness. The size of the packages combined with the obvious care my Uncle had put into wrapping them were sure signs that they contained probably the best presents of the entire season, we were sure of it!

after dinner, as is the tradition in our family, we were allowed to pick one gift to open early. A little something to help keep the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning from exploding our little brains. It was no surprise to anyone when we all picked the packages our Uncle had brought with him.

Mom nodded her head, a kind of silent starter gun and we were off! We dove into unwrapping those packages like we were dying of hunger and they contained the last food in the world.

Off came the neatly printed tags, snap went the pretty curled ribbons, festive paper fluttered to the ground followed by. . . more paper?... And then a gift box! Followed by. . . Another box?

box after box was tossed aside and layer after layer of paper fluttered to the ground. We were confused but not put off of our mission, something SO well wrapped and hidden must be really worth all of this work right?

Wrong. After what seamed like hours of tearing away layers of tape and wrapping our tired little fingers finally settled on our prize.

Tiny crumpled packets of Ketchup our Uncle had snagged from McDonald's.

At first we were pretty miffed, but to this day those ketchup packets are one of THE most memorable Christmas gifts we ever received, and every year the retelling of the story brings us all to tears with laughter.

Anyways, I am sure your surprise is like eleventy million times better than ketchup packets! Can't wait to see what you have in store.

Jenny said...

You know, that is pretty exciting! And a great idea.

Your cards would be great not only to give out to those aspiring to natural/attachment parenting, but also to friends and family who are confused, for instance, about why I nurse my babies in public and for what they consider to be a long time. Most of these people just don't know the facts, and giving them something to read that contains research info and another mom's experience would be cool. All the networking, carnivals and fans on your site would show them that we are a growing body of responsible parents doing what we feel is best for our kids, even if it is a little different from most.

Also, it'd be good reading for fellow parents who just aren't quite there yet. I recently witnessed a friend who parented in a mainstream fashion the first time go AP/NP with her newborn. Ecological breastfeeding, Moby Wrap for the daddy, cloth diapers... Oh, it's so delightful to see. I think experienced moms like the ones who have mentored her (and me!) are the best resource. Sometimes they meet us at the local library, and sometimes only through the internet, but the impact is still great.

Whitney said...

I have recently been contemplating whether or not to get calling cards/visiting cards? for my blog. It sounds like it should work!

Christine Wang said...

ok let's see. i stumbled upon your blog when i was doing research on natural parenting. then i saw that you have the chubbiest boy ever who looks soooo adorable to cuddle with each night. then i found out that you are still breastfeeding and you guys cosleep, which is exactly what i have been doing with my son too. and my son is also very chubby (he is only 3 months old but looks so much bigger). so i feel we have a lot in common and i check your site everyday for new tips and such. because once you become a mom, you become obsessed with things like nipples and the color of your baby's poop. i wish i had a good tip to leave but i am still learning about all of this. but thank you for writing so honestly about things that interest a very small part of the population. it is a hard topic and niche to get into and stay in so keep it up!

Domestic Diva said...

I like the Shark Stationery. So cute!

Le@h said...

I love the calling cards!! They rock! I hope you end up choosing me as one of your winners (even though I have nothing particularly interesting to say...) as I read your blog over here in Ireland and it's been a great help to me. Plus, Mikko is just the cutest little boy!

lowdenclear (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Who invented glitter? And what in the world posessed me to say to myself, "Hey, we already have glue, and the huge bottles of glitter are much more affordable than those miserly little glitter glue bottles. They should last the kids for quite a while. Let's get those instead."

anjanette/mommayoung said...

Those are beautiful calling cards. I went through mine already, but I think they said way too much, I like yours. Beautiful, simple makes more of a statement, not to mention the pretty dragonflys..

Rachel said...

Awesome surprise giveaway of awesome awesomeness! Sign me up!

HFH said...

i just joined a local AP group so i have a perfect place to hand them out

heather dot

Jenn said...

I stumbled my way over here, kind of a blog through a blog type of thing. I may not check in on a daily basis, nay, often not even weekly, if toddler teething or an opportunity for a park playday comes up.

I do, however, love to glean those many, many bits of information about NP/AP from you, those sprinkles of experience you leave all over your posts. I love it when I can read something you've written, and it resonates with my own parenting philosophy - yes!

Please keep doing what you're doing - and I'll keep following, and nodding along.

P.S. I *heart* your calling cards.

Alexandra said...

fun! can't wait to find out what the surprise giveaway is!

Audrey said...

I would love to hand out your calling cards! I found your blog a few months ago and have since then, perused through much of it. I check your blog now every day (usually while nursing my son to sleep at night). Your words are so witty, meaningful and full of helpful words of wisdom for me. It is so hard sometimes to be an AP parent in a non-AP loving culture, that it really helps me to read your words and know that someone else has gone through the same thing/feels the same way.

Was that enough flattery to win? Just kidding! :) In truth though, your blog really is an inspiration to me.


Kimberly said...

You have no idea how the moms in my mommy's group will love your blog! I just found you today, but at our next weekly meeting, I am going to tell them about you! These are the women who make their own organic baby food ("Do you want to borrow my book?" Uh, no thanks -- I'll just stick with Earth's Best for now!). They do make me feel like an inadequate mother, but I aspire to be like them - and you!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I'd create cards for a forum I launched for attached parents ( for sure! I love this design: though i'm looking for double sided so i can put a message on the opposite side regardin attachment parenting

Katie said...

This is a pretty spiffy idea. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of having a card for your blog to hand out. I always take a couple cards of local businesses to share with people who might be interested so why not do that for informational, read-a-long sites like yours!?

My parenting tip/affirmation of the day:

Blessed are the parents who make peace with spilled milk and mud. For this is the kingdom of childhood.

(courtesy of my good friend Janell is who is an amazing mama.)

Unknown said...

I want to hand out your calling cards! And I can't wait to find out what the super-secret spectaculous gifts will be!

1955nurse said...

HOW FANtastic! I don't have a blog of my own, but I'm always recommending certain blogs to friends who are Moms or GRANDMoms (like ME!) I could use the cards to promote OTHERS blogs..... ;-)
I just discovered your - Not 1 but TWO delightful blogs this evening, & am in the process of entering a giveaway or 2, so wish me luck!


Lauren B. said...

I love you blog, and think it would be awesome to have some cards to hand out. I live in Michigan, not the most AP-minded part of the US, and I've used many of your points when explaining my choices to skeptical family members.

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