Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Surf: Not many links but some funnies

Welcome to the Sunday Surf!

So, this is what I get for organizing my life so haphazardly. I tend to keep one bazillion windows open in my browser to remind me to get back to them — whether to leave a comment, join a group, Tweet or otherwise promote, fulfill a deadline, or … put the article into my Sunday Surf.

What happens after awhile is my browser gets cranky. Really, really cranky. And then it crashes. For quite awhile, I can recover the windows. But at some point, it says, Enough is enough, and crashes again before I can.

And that is what has happened. So I am trying to piece together what I intended to put in here by scrolling through my browser history. Incidentally, it's astonishing how much utter crap I Google. Also, how terribly behind I am in commenting.

But I digress. Here are some of the best links I've read this past week (or so).

  • This week is "World Breastfeeding Week 2010"! Woo-hoo! The theme this year is "Just 10 Steps! The Baby-Friendly Way." The idea is to encourage hospitals and other facilities offering maternal and infant health care to become baby- and breastfeeding-friendly by taking these crucial ten steps to support breastfeeding success.
  • "Birth of Impressionism (The Art of Un-Kid-Friendly)" from Keeps Me Smiling: How to take children to an adult-centered exhibit and have a good time.
    "Upon entering the museum we sensed a stodgy vibe, and I wondered if I had made the right choice to bring them along. …

    "But that's OK, I do this for a living. I take kids out and about, and darn if I'm not going to have a good time doing it. So we used the time in line to chat about art, and the difference between realism and impressionism, and about how Noelle needed to go potty and that she is in fact a better artist than any of these people in frames."
  • I have two giveaways up that end Aug. 12, and I'm pleased they've both been promoted to Editors' Pick over at Prizey:
  • This might be of interest only to me, but I also have two sets of linkies that might help you out:
    • My newest compilation is a list of "Giveaway linkies by day" so you can link up your giveaways to promote them at various giveaway blogs. Linkies and other contest listing sites are a good way to get the word out about any contest you're running.
    • I also have a "Wordless Wednesday linkies" list if you play along with that meme and want to find ways to get more exposure for your weekly photo post.
    If you have a linky you want me to add to either, let me know.
  • Enjoy the short film Jane Austen's Fight Club. I thought this was quite well-done and ever so amusing. (That was meant to sound prissy.)

  • And to end on another humorous note, but heed the warning that follows, I present: "I am able to move small objects with my mind." from 27b/6. Emerging Mummy clued me into this site, and I have been enjoying it. Just a warning before you click over: Every page is giving you the finger, and many of the pages have bad language, sexual humor, and egregious levels of mockery. I mean, that's pretty much what makes it funny. But you've been warned. I thought that not only was this email exchange between a teacher and parent over the school's punishment of the son hilarious, but it also actually shows how ludicrous, capricious, and unthinking such punishments can be. I mean, seriously, for a humor site, this is spot-on commentary of the gentle discipline and unschooling sort:
    "I understand the need for conformity. Without a concise set of rules to follow we would probably all have to resort to common sense."
    The rest of the site is hilarious, too, if the above warning didn't scare you off.

You can find more shared items during the week at my public Google Reader recommendations feed.

Check out Authentic Parenting, Baby Dust Diaries, Maman A Droit, and Navelgazing for more Sunday Surfing!

Feel free to add your recommendations in the comments. Happy reading!


Luschka said...

I am so the same! I tend to have two firefox browser windows open, one for things I'm doing and one for things I need to come back to. The things I need to come back to can stay there forever sometimes!

I must admit, I like firefox's save and quit feature...

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

Oh yes, too many browser windows. Have you tried opening one Firefox, one Chrome, and one (shudder) IE? ;)

Thank you for the shout out! I'm excited to see what we get in the gentle parenting series.

Missy said...

i just found your blog and spent all weekend reading it! i am a new mom and have gravitated towards natural parenting as well. i love it!

Sarah Bessey said...

Ha! Glad you liked that site. I laughed until I nearly cried. And that Jane Austen clip is hilarious. Loved the article about babywearing toddlers as well (my youngest is nearly two and still loves to be in the Ergo).

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