Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mikko the BabyLegs model

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BabyLegsI've written before about how much I heart BabyLegs, a Seattle-based, mama-started company offering nifty little leg and arm warmers.

I have even more reason to love it now -- they think Mikko's cute! See, you can send in pictures of your little one, and if they like them, they might select one to appear in a future e-newsletter.

Mikko's payment for being adorable?

A free pair of BabyLegs, yo!

Blue Flame BabyLegsWe picked out Blue Flame. It was hard to choose, because we already have so many. We liked how the primary colors match his boy-hued clothes, and, also, we thought they were rockin'.

If you want to sign up for the BabyLegs newsletter so you might see your offspring in there, too, one day, contact the staff at

Incidentally, that's not Mikko up there in that picture. I haven't yet received his debut appearance as a professional baby model!

(Do I sound like I'm going to turn into one of those Toddlers & Tiaras moms? I'll try to rein in my vicarious enthusiasm.)


Lisa C said...

I love babylegs! Just found out they sell them at Target now. I think they are a cheaper version, but still cute!

BTW, I just saw your comment on my blogger page. That was just a test blog, I didn't realize people were going to look at it! Go back to my profile and click on "My Web Page" for a link to my real blog. Oh, and thanks for the wonderful compliment on the pictures!

Anonymous said...

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