Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge or Ok Raccoon Hotel?

Have you been to Great Wolf Lodge,
the indoor water park-slash-hotel?

Hobo Mama wants you to know she's a professional blogger! Look at how professional she's being!

We went for the first time this fall
with a homeschooling group
(fabulously discounted!),
and it was a ton o' watery fun,
even for our three non-swimmers.

Here's a splish-splashy video:

I think we had a great (wolfy) time,
but Mikko,
in the spirit of total honesty,
said the place should be named
Ok Raccoon Hotel.
He said they decorated more with raccoons than wolves,
that "lodge" was inaccurate,
and that "great" was perhaps overstating it.

(Did I mention this post isn't sponsored?
Clearly it is not.)

The rest of the family & I think he's just a goof.

Have you been to a Great Wolf Lodge near you,
or do you want to go?

Is something on my head?

I can add "in a water park" to my list.

There's some sort of "swallowed by a whale" joke in here.

Not as amused as I am
that he's wearing wolf ears.

Zonked after a hard day's water play.

The nice thing about Great Wolf Lodge is,
even if you stay only one night as we did,
you get nearly two full days of water park play.

And a nice hotel room
lodge room)
in which to unwind.

Ope! There's one of those raccoons
Mikko was disquieted by.

At the wave pool

Does anyone else think it's weird to see me in contacts?
I feel like my face needs glasses.

Look out beloooow!

Those lifeguards were ON it.
They swiveled their heads so much,
I thought they must all be dizzy.

There were complimentary life vests and towels for use.

One thing I hadn't planned for was
how to get a baby to nap
on the day we'd checked out of our hotel
but could still stay and play at the water park.


I swear this is true:
I put him in his car seat
then backed the car in and out of the parking spot
until he fell asleep.

I had a primo parking spot and didn't want to lose it…

Oh, hai. Did you want me to sleep?

Did I mention he'd thrown my back out?
Too much carrying & wearing of heavy baby + bad back =
severe back pain that lasted the next FIVE DAYS.

That's why I didn't want to give up that parking spot.
I had enough to manage.

I don't have a water wrap and didn't want to get my mei tai wet
but had foolishly thought the water would help me support Karsten's weight.
But the water areas for kids have somewhere from 0-12" of water.
So…I could have used a good water sling. Oh, well!

Still and all, what a great family trip!
I recommend it if you can get a good discount
and avoid all the many money-spending traps within.
The water park itself,
which is included in the room price,
is fun for all ages,
and it's nice that you can enjoy it in any weather.

Thank you, Ok Raccoon Hotel!


Shannon said...

See, Moira announced that it was almost better then Disneyland.
BTW, your photos don't show up for me on my Android devices now. It just started in the last couple of weeks. I can still see the videos and gifs.

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