Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Breastfeeding here & there

I've breastfed in some unusual places in the past eight years of nursing my three sons. My philosophy is that breastfeeding can happen at any time or place, wherever I am and whenever my baby wants to eat.

That's led to some interesting breastfeeding locations! I hope you'll share some of yours in the comments, or even in your own post.

At a lavender festival

(I wanted somewhere to sit, so originally they directed me to a sheltered spot. But eventually I wanted to get back to work on my lavender crafts so I just propped Mikko up while I got to it.)

In a mountain village
(And on the way there. My father-in-law was rather exasperated we had to pull over.)

On ferries

On a tour boat
(That was during my only — failed — attempt to use a blanket as a cover — it kept blowing off!)

On a sailboat
(I still question the wisdom of taking a newborn on a sailboat…)

On a motor boat

(That life jacket was pretty hilariously big for Alrik.)

At Pike Place Market
(I remember how awkward I felt getting settled on a bench there with newborn Mikko, with strangers sitting and standing all around me, but we managed!)

At two Nordic Festivals

In the bathtub
(Hey, they're out and available.)

In the shower
(Hold on tight! Slippery baby!)

At a pirate festival

On the beach

At the wading pool

In a hot tub

At a fire station

In theaters
(At movies, concerts, & plays.)

At Navy Pier

In coffee shops

At restaurants

(We all eat frequently — what can I say?)

In the bathroom

At the Olympic Sculpture Park

At a state fair

On playdates

In a cupcake shop

In classes

While video chatting

At friends' houses

At relatives' houses
(And everyone's been supportive, too!)

At the playground

At picnics and potlucks


On top of the Space Needle

At story time

At a hot springs

At the airport

On airplanes

In hotel rooms

At Plimoth Plantation

In parks

At a cider mill

At church
(In the service, in the cry room, in the nursery, in the lobby, in small groups)

At a tea party

At baseball and football games

At birthday parties

In a cave

While trick-or-treating

At the library

In a portrait studio
(There's no point trying to photograph an unhappy baby.)

At a bowling alley

On a subway

In my sleep

At a caucus

While shopping at stores

(Sometimes I sit; sometimes I walk, even without a carrier, for I am talented.)

During a bat observation walk

On a water taxi

At a wedding

In a teepee

At the aquarium

At the zoo

At various museums

During a kids' project at a home-improvement store

At a family reunion

At gymnastics

At a lumberjack contest
(I wasn't a participant.)

On a hike to a waterfall

On a ferris wheel

At an arcade

While riding a carousel

In the hospital

In a tent

While peddling a surrey

(And taking a selfie! Don't worry — I wasn't steering.)

On a farm

On a tractor ride

In the car

(Not while it was driving.)

In parking lots

In a mule-drawn carriage

On a hay ride

At a fireworks display

(More than once!)

On a train

In a rainforest

In a redwood forest

At the dentist

At an amusement park

At home

What are some of the unique places you've breastfed?

Obviously, I didn't take all these photos. My thanks to Sam, Shannon, Amy, & anyone else who helped me fill out this collection!

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