Saturday, October 31, 2015

Little pumpkins at the pumpkin patch

Every year, we love to go to Stocker Farms
for their Family Adventure Farm & Corn Maze.
(See, for instance, here & here.)

Here is our video diary of the harvest-themed fun:

And, here, I made you some collages
& other assorted photographic fripperies.
And, no, I didn't repeat photos
in some of the collages
because my phone screen is really small
and also I forgot which ones I'd already put in.

You'll never take me alive, coppers.

Barnyard friends included the famous Surfing Goats!
Yeah, I don't get it, either.
They basically had a surfboard to poo on, so that was fun to see.
But, anyway, they were very curious about the humanoids.

Barrel rides are bumpy.
Bouncy pillows are bouncy.

Duck races are ducky.

Bounce, bounce bounce!
No one could get enough of this.
Clearly we need a humongous bouncy pillow at home.
Forget furniture!

Look how tall those little pumpkins are getting!

Farms are pretty.


If you want to see our pumpkins carved,
see yesterday's post.
They've already molded.
I read up on how to preserve carved jack o'lanterns,
and it says to dunk them in a diluted bleach bath overnight,
then spray & wipe them down daily with the same solution,
plus keep them in the refrigerator "when not in use."
So … um … yeah. We let ours mold.

Pumpkins are for pumpkining!
They are fleeting treasures,
much like a bounce on a tremendous yellow pillow
or the splash of a duck racing to the finish line,
or the sight of your little ones inching ever upwards
on that measuring line.

Excuse me while I go shed a couple tears for our jack o'lanterns….

Happy Halloween!


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