Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Surf: Spring sweater & daffodils, rape culture & quinoa

Welcome to the Sunday Surf, a tour of the best blogposts I've read throughout the week.

toddler racing down the sidewalk
Heading out for fun with Alrik

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  • Daffodils & Diesels 

    Pragmatic and poetic fable demonstrating the value of learning vs. education.
    I’m not very good in geography, either. They call it economic geography this year. We’ve been studying the imports and exports of Turkey all week, but I couldn’t tell you what they are. Maybe the reason is that I missed school for a couple of days when my uncle took me downstate to pick up some livestock. He told me where we were headed and I had to figure out the best way to get there and back. He just drove and turned where I told him. It was over 500 miles round trip and I’m figuring now what his oil cost and the wear and tear on the truck—he calls it depreciation—so we’ll know how much we made. When we got back I wrote up all the bills and sent letters to the farmers about what their pigs and cattle brought at the stockyard. My aunt said I only made 3 mistakes in 17 letters, all commas. I wish I could write school themes that way. The last one I had to write was on “What a daffodil thinks of Spring,” and I just couldn’t get going.
  • Want some cute pictures of woven wraps? Of course, you do!
(via Wonderful Woven Wraps)
    Want some cute pictures of woven wraps? Of course, you do!
  • On Preventing My Son From Becoming A Rapist | ourfeministplayschool 

    It is inside this context that my son is learning to negotiate his own gender and sexuality. And it is my job, as his parent, to instill within him the consciousness that ensures he would never consider non-consensual behaviour as an option. It is my job as his mother to teach him that no real masculinity includes space for rape culture behaviours.
  • Paleo Diet: Healthy Or A Hoax? 

    I’m sharing this article not because I agree with it — I in fact think it’s a load of tripe — but just to share this gem of a quote that had me double up, guffawing:
    There’s another, wholly unrelated problem: pleasure. “It eliminates quinoa, ice cream, pasta — these things we love to eat, that make us social creatures,” says Sassoon. “And that means we’re less likely to stick with it, more likely to binge.”
    Quinoa? Really? That’s in the same compulsive category as pasta and ice cream? Who binges on quinoa?!
    Fun fact: Whenever we tell people we’re giving up grains, their favorite response is “Even quinoa?” Did I miss some quinoa-is-the-bestest-grain-ever-smoochies-smoochies memo here?
    Quinoa is what makes us PEOPLE!1!


The Mummy Episode: A TV trick to watch for
There's a construct in the world of television fiction that Sam and I have dubbed "The Mummy Episode." I recommend you start looking out for it from now on — you'll quickly start to recognize its ubiquitous presence.

Six Ingredient Challenge:

Six Ingredient Challenge buttonI hope you've enjoyed reading along with the six-week Six Ingredient Challenge!

We've posted two more articles this past week — Why small changes in eating are worth celebrating and #6IngredientChallenge: Final thoughts and reflections — and we've wrapped up the challenge.

You can find the full list of posts with links at the main page. We hope it was a helpful challenge for you. If you didn't play along, you can take your own challenge whenever you'd like!


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Six tips for a successful road trip with little kids

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Anonymous said...

LMAO too -- QUINOA?! That is so hilarious, and the author was obviously trying to make the diet seem more restrictive than it is. (I think pasta is the hardest. Ice cream has a lot more easy substitutions.)

Paleo obvs has the biggest backlash because the top companies are losing money when people start questioning the American staple of "healthy, whole" grains.

Love your link roundups. :)

Lyndsay said...

Thank you for sharing my post on rape culture.

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