Friday, March 22, 2013

One-question poll: What do you want to see on Hobo Mama?

Hobo Mama gif banner 2013
My updated banner!

I'm doing a super-quick poll (one question!) of my readers — regular or new — to find out what content you'd like to see on Hobo Mama. What keeps you coming back, or what would interest you in the future?

Choose what content sounds MOST compelling to you. You can choose multiple items. Pick only the categories you think you'd want to read often. Some categories might overlap, and you can add in anything you think was left out that you'd appreciate.

If you want to leave comments on the poll itself, take it at this link. Otherwise, you can leave comments on the post if you have anything to say about the selections you chose!

Thank you for taking the survey! I appreciate your feedback. If you want to add anything, feel free to leave a comment.


kelly @kellynaturally said...

Lauren, I appreciate your articles most when you really WRITE - where your voice comes through most loudly. You have a strong comic voice, as well as the ability to clearly describe a situation in order to grab interest - keep working at that; I think it's where you do best. Links, photos - yes, that is relevant content (and I get the necessity for that as a popular blog. And, your children are adorable.) - but I find your personal stories & humorous analysis of situations much more compelling than the former. :)

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